Recover 5 Doxy Droppings from Doxy Oddities

Took a long time for figure out how/when to find the Doxy’s. After reviewing a couple of videos, found out that the Doxy likes to come up in the wee morning hours.

You need to ensure the “current outside conditions” is in the ‘dawn’ . If you’re wasting away at fighting other foundables, don’t, wait for the bow-and-arrow foundable and click on that.

It may be a horned serpent, a leperchan, or if you’re lucky, you’ll find the Formidable Doxy.

I usually found mine around the Minneapolis,MN USA area between 6am-7am. So there’s a lot of patience needed to find them, but they’re out there!

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Sigh, just got to these quests, and this is about the stupidest thing I’ve seen in the game so far. A mainline quest where it’s only around for an hour or two in the morning? I am NEVER up at dawn, much less going out to places with more spawns.

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