Recruitment tag selection stuff

I’ve been using the recruitment tag filter on wiki for a bit with not much luck

This thing:

Now I’m looking for a list of tags, if it even exists, which are most sure to grant me a decent number of credits. For example, fast redeployment will almost surely grant me gravel and 30 credits while support tags basically just grants me orchid with her 5.
If there’s any tip to improve my tag game I’d like to know, since I don’t know that much about it, whether it’s about tags to improve chances with ops or about getting the most credits out of recruitment.

This is probably what you’re looking for. It has a list of tags and tag combos which, provided the tag doesn’t fall off, guarantees at least a 4* result.

If that’s not what you were looking for, let us know and we’ll see if someone here can help you out.

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Supporter gives orchid, Support is a different tag that gives Doberman, Warfarin, Ptilopsis and Zima

If you’re looking for tips to increase chances of getting rare ops there is pretty much only 1 : Picking the right tags.

The consensus seems to be that increasing tag times do not increase the chance of getting operators past 3 stars but rather decreases the chance that the tags drop if they are not mutually exclusive. (e.g. Guard and Ranged tags will always result in one of the tags dropping.)

Keep an eye open for tags that guarantee 4/5 star ops using the recruitment tool in gamepress if you haven’t memorised them all by now.

If you don’t have any tags that guarantee 4/5 star ops, just set the timer to 7:40 since I doubt you’ll care which 3 star you’ll get. You’ll end up saving LMD in the long run.

Lastly, just to calm your fears, tags come in combos. You might be kicking yourself thinking that you should’ve gotten Defender+Survival tags in the past for sure since they are both very common tags right? WRONG. Tags also consider the combinations when they appear so 5 star combos are ridiculously rare, around the same as Senior Op tag. So don’t worry about that.

Would no tag be an alternative to the 7:40 timer?

I noted down tags of operators I want (Texas, pramanix, project red, specter) and been selecting their tags for a while that’s all there’s to my method (no luck tho)

No, 7:40 guarantees at least a 3 star operator which gives 10 green certs after you convert the tokens in shop.

Thanks for the tips