Red Arena Core For Dummies. HALP!

I need to build a red unit that can be used to check bulky greens in Arena and who would have relevance for Aether Raids–Offense or Defense.

Below are all the relevant units that I have built for Arena or are willing to merge going forward. I want a unit that will not be left behind, scoring-wise, all that quickly. Other options I might have missed are welcome, as well as telling me that I suck at building units/ teams





Itsuki or Astram I’d say.


At this point in the game, I don’t think I could recommend any red unit higher for Arena than Itsuki. While he is a TT Grail unit and thus is very expensive to fully merge, he has a fantastic Prf, great mixed bulk (a rare quality among his class), and scores as a 175 BST unit after a single merge. I don’t know how well he performs in AR but he certainly can tank stuff like a boss.


Astram, Itsuki and S!Bartre score the highest but also cost Grails :feh_birbpeek:

Y!Marth isn’t available anymore sadly :feh_elisad:


Itsuki is top 3 contender, I am just wondering whether to take another look at Ashnard or Iago–particularly if Iago will synergize well with Bridal Micaiah in AR for [Domination] shenanigans.

Running into merged L!Edelgards in T19 Arena is a bit annoying, frankly

R Duel Flying opens up the use of Aversa. She’s still a great AR-O support who has a decent enough offensive statline to fight green units. Not as great on defense, but somewhat useable and is generally a nuisance.


I have her merged at +2 (no Laegjarn fodder tho)

But I felt like even with +5HP seals, stat inflation still stops her effect from engaging more often than I would like

Although with her skills, I could theoretically inherit Disarm Trap to her to nerf some AR maps

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That sounds like a non-AR thing. In arena, I’d understand since most people don’t have double legendary boosts, but it should be fairly standard in AR-O to have those boosts. She’s been consistent for me in that regard.

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I thought Disarm Trap was a dagger only thing?


Hmmmm, yup, never checked that. Nvm

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Itsuki. Stupid high Def, dragon effectiveness, and solid statline that offers plenty of experimentation.

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She’s fine with a chill, a link, a breaker, and I use renewal on her for arena because her thicc HP and “infinite” time can give renewal a lot of value. Guidance support and being a flier is also very valuable in arena.

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I’ve got a lot of DC fodder waiting for merge projects, so that’s definitely in his favor

I love Aversa, she’s great as a chill/ smite/ link unit, I was just frustrated because I wasn’t getting her weapon debuffs to hit enough. Maybe I should try more merges and put her out there again

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Made a little chart :feh_legion:

Of course pretty much any unit can run Duel, but Aversa and Iago can run it without hurting their performance :feh_birbpeek:


Great chart, still uncertain between Itsuki and Aversa/ Iago. Need food for Duel skills, or step back from debuff strat and lean into more tanking Arena builds to go with my Echidna/ B!Ike

I don’t even care about DC on him… I’ve got three builds for him I’ve been using to very fun effect:


Where’d that Spd come from?


How does woll stack-up to speedy blue dragons?

I’ll leave now

Hmm… speaking of units that’d use Duel, Marth has a really nice weapon for Arena. Dragon effectiveness and Renewal 3 is very valuable, and he’s very supportive in nature that he fits into a lot of team comps. He works like a Corrin in AR-O, but he ends up being able to support other units in the team when needed.

Lilina works well as an AR-D unit and provides chill res. Triple chill build in arena is nice and each kill only makes the debuffs more potent. Sucks in AR-O though.

Silvia and Olivia are decent dancers. Silvia is especially useful for AR-D with her high HP and decent speed and res to run supportive builds or a galeforce build. Olivia is a better combat-oriented dancer.


Give me an example to toss in the duel sim