Remember when I utterly lost to Cliff, a couple of weeks ago and it killed my mood? Well…

None of my Pokemon fainted!

His team:
Pinsir, Marowak, Tyranitar

My Team:
Salamence, Swampert, Scizor (didn’t even need to use Scizor)

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Did you happen to find one with a Rock Smash Pinsir?

That makes things a LOT easier because Pinsir can’t spam 50 charge moves in a row and you can farm energy from it.

Also suprisingly I found Torterra the hardest because no matter what it’s going to hit like a truck with that Razor Leaf, which kills EVEN Steel types when unresisted and I can’t even use Mamoswine when it happens. Swampert is the easiest, but you NEED a Grass type since if it has Mud Shot it has a 50% chance to kill anyone unshielded, and Tyranitar is in between since it’s not likely to fire a charged move nor does it hit hard enough to kill your stuff in seconds most of the time.

Shiftry is also surprisingly useful here, just don’t put it in front of Pinsir.

It was the Torterra that screwed me over the first time. I forget what Pinsir had for it’s fast move. It had Close Combat for it’s charged move

Also last time when I rematched him, there was a glitch that prevented me from beating him, where it got stuck between my Glaceon using Avalanche and Torterra shielding, even though Cliff had no shields left!

Woohoo, congrats!!!

On a side note, Sierra has been the most annoying one for me lately. Is the second Pokemon in Sierra’s lineup ever not Lapras? I know that Exeggutor and Sharpedo are the other two possibilities, but I swear, they never show up. Ever. My Scizor will farm its way through Beldum, burn both of Sierra’s shields, and have two charge attacks ready to demolish any Eggs or Sharks that would stand in its way. But nooo, every time, Lappy shows up like, “yo, I’m shadow Lapras, and I’m 'bout ruin your day by making this fight take far longer than it should!”

God damn Loch Ness monster. :rofl:


And then it bent down and said, “I need about Tree Fiddy.”

I fought 2 Sierras today and both of them have respectively Sharpedo and Shiftry or Exeggutor and Alakazam. It’s surprising, since there’s usually either Lapras or Houndoom.

Groudon basically soloed them on its own. (I’ve Elite TMed the Solar Beam to Fire Punch)

I see you are a lady of culture. :grin:

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I love South Park :3