what the actual fck was that final cq for the ren event
my god
who taught it was a good idea to even release this before chapter 4 as well

this entire event was a goddamn mistake

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told you it was bad

I just reached it…
I thought at first “Oh this isn’t so bad, I can win this!”
Then I got hit with teamwide bind/(poison?) and the enemy team had teamwide evade.
Next turn another teamwide bind and enemy teamwide evade… hmmm
Kinda OP if you ask me. :woman_shrugging:

thankfully magias pierce evades <.<
but still
what the fck

this is why we need hayate

this honestly threw me off so much earlier in. since I’m so used to tactical evades as one method to deal with nps in fgo

i didnt know it too dw about it
until i got fcking rekted in pvp
with magias even tho i had moemura evade

Oh! That is good to know! :smiley:
So as long as I can avoid getting bound I can nuke’em. :fgo_buster: