Refilling my friends list

After looking at my friends list for the first time in a couple of weeks, I found some friends who haven’t logged in in 14+ days, and since I delete friends if they haven’t logged in in 2 or more weeks, especially if there’s a big event going on, I deleted 6 of said people.

So now I have 6 free friends spots open and instead of waiting for them to come, I’d figured I’d come here to like minded people to fill it back up…

Here’s my usual support setup… but it will change to fit the event for the most part, and Baber Alter will never leave the list. She’ll be in All or Saber no matter what!

Other servants you’ll see pop up there are:
Okitan np2
Mordy np2
Gil np1 (skillz not raised at all)
Demiya np5
Quetz np1
Drake np1
Sanzang np1 (skillz not raised at all)
Tama np1 (10/8/10)
Vlad eventually np2 (at lvl 70)
Jeane np1

I have mats and qp to level most skillz, but am currently waiting to whale for Maid Alter and lvl 100 10/10/10 her lol

I’ve been playing for nearly 8 months and I do dolphin, but not every banner. Only banners with servants I want on them, so I’ll be skipping the upcoming events and saving money and quartz for all 4 summer banners.

My ign is: Leigh (my g.i.r.l. name for all rpg’s lol)
Friend #: 713,748,381

Also, if you have Karna as your main support Lancer, I’ll deny your request… It’s not your fault. What he did to me on the Thanksgiving Shishou banner gives me ptsd to this day :scream:shivers:scream:


I’ll add you, same IGN as my forum handle. I don’t have Karna Max Ascended yet, i don’t plan on putting him in support anyway unless there’s an event that necessitates his presence. I prefer to stick ST NP characters into the main 7 slots from F/SN Canon. Other wise be content to see Tamamo Shark pretty much exclusively.

Still want Ruler Martha though… =.= And a ST NP Assassin for that matter…

Edit: here’s my current support list…

Also can field (additional Fully Ascended):
Okita NP1
Saberlot NP1
Herc NP2 (1/2/10)
Tamamo Caster NP1 (2/8/2)[Yeah, I feel like kicking myself about that one too]
Xuanzang NP1
Nobu NP5 (If it wasn’t already obvious)
Emiya NP3
Cu Alter NP1

Not very skilled, most of what i have skilled is already up.

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I’ll always welcome tama shark. I’m a huge fan of her animations and voice. I’m aiming for ruler martha as well, and my only lvl’d assassins are ST assassins (serenity, carmilla, jack) lol. Kiara was a welcomed addition for me and I can’t wait for Shishou Swimsuit.

Oops, i got NP1 Edmond Dantes as well. He’s (2/2/2)

Heh, yeah Summer Shishou is great for farming and not much else. I usually have to borrow if i need to fight Rider bosses, not so much since i managed to get Lip recently (To NP5 with 4 extra copies that i burned nonetheless) Yet i rolled 750 SQ for Melt’s banner and didn’t see her, though i got Lip like i said. Depressingly enough i got Gawain and finished off Umu to NP5. I’m particularly fond of the fact i can burn Gawain whenever i roll him again. Emiya got to NP2 to just before GudaGuda’s and got his third copy during Melt’s banner.

Gaining Summer Shishou’s NP copies and her Ascension materials is rather easy. I just threw all the necessary bonus servants for the needed event drops more than CE’s that even back when i mostly used Jeanne, a support and one of the few SR+ i had worked on at the time could clear out the shop. I just chose not to, to my chagrin… I could have used the class monuments T_T

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Yeah. I’m a big believer in fgo being called fate/waifu collector, so a lot of my lvl’d servants are female aoe servants unless their np increases and are srsly/ssr, so most of my dudes are low lvl’d. So most of my early days when I was also f2p were mostly getting by with support.

I’ll def use your ST servants lol

I sent a request IGN is Ren

Also here’s my code for those who want to friend I got 5 slots left, 826,202,458

That support almost never changes except for the all slot will sometimes be kiara np3, Merlin, or Tammy. Also my sabers may change her and there between musashi np1 , Mordred np2, Arthur np2 and okita np3.

Of course the support will change based on events and what not

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Much appreciated. I’ll def make use of your servant. I like that grailed MHXA aka bestchan btw. and i’m also jelly of your 2 mlb one summers. I did weakness ear at least 175 times, but only 1 dropped…

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Now if only I had gallstones and qp to 10/10/10 her but nope rng hates me

I don’t really need your supports but I have really enjoyed your posts on here and I would like to add you! So I sent a request!

My IGN is Vaydra
My code is 666,001,699

This is my usual support list:

If you accept you might also see me switch in My lvl 90 Meltrysis, lvl 80 Nitocris, Lvl 90 Red Nero, lvl 80 Hans, lvl 80 np 5 Emiya

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I just leveled up so I have a new slot, I will send you a request if you will have me.

IGN: Kid

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@insert-name Added you

IGN: Emprisk


No worries, It’s why I posted this. I’d much rather fill my friends list with people from a place I interact with, i.e. this site, than a random person.

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Thank you very much. The same thing happened to me as well. I’ll be glad to fill your free friends spot. All the more so cuz you have a Baber Alter Lancer, a favorite of mine.

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Gonna be honest when Eresh comes I will go hard to NP5 her grail her to 100 and make her 10/10/10.

I already have most of the mats I need and all the QP.

i won’t hold you against it, Eresh would be worth it.

Do you think you can send your request again? i don’t think I got it…


Got it :+1:

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I sent a request and IGN is Yui
I don’t post as frequent as other users here, but hopefully my support list are useful to you

If you still got space, mind adding me?

If you need, also have the following:
Musashi 6/8/5
Orion 7/10/6
Tamamo (Lancer) 6/6/4
Da-Vinci 5/7/6
Shutens Douji 6/6/4


No worries. Thanks for the add. You have a merlin with Chaldea Lunchtime, one of my 2 favorite servants/ces for farming.