Refine List for Gen 1 Units (Updated)

Refine List for remaining units: Thought this list might be useful.

Red: (10)
Arvis (GHB)
Arden (GHB)
Joshua (GHB)
Olivia (Dancer)
Ike (DC)
Ryoma (DC)
Xander (DC/GHB)
Black Knight (DC/GHB)

Blue: (8)
Valter (GHB)
Ninnian (Dancer)
Azura (Dancer)
Camus (DC/GHB)

Green: (3)
Dorcas (DC)

I think if you overlook the DC and Dancer unit refines (for some reason dont know why IS is avoiding these, maybe last minute…refines at the end), these are the refines that are left from the Gen 1 pool. (3 gen one units and 1 gen two unit is getting a refine per month)



I think you can also cross Berkut, Legion, and Clarisse off the list for now as well. This may seem like random reasoning but their weapons(while inheritable) are literally named after them(like several prf’s). I mean, why could be a more unique bow for Clarisse than… Clarisse’s Bow. Not saying it will never happen but I suspect for those 3 will get pushed back with the dancers and DC weapons


“Pairs that might happen”
Olwen and Reinhardt
Arden and Ayra
F! Corrin and M!Kana
Julius and Arvis
Draug and Sheena

Nowi Donnel and Fae because of their bst being gen 1 trainee might take a while

the DC weapons and dancers will be next year with Effie most likely


I mean, they could just get personal refines for their weapons. Granted, them being inheritable weapons, they’d have to lock the weapon once refined.


I mean literally every dragon can have DC. Tiki got a refine so clearly lightning breath doesn’t totally DQ you


I think I’m in the minority of people who actually liked Clarisse as a character, and like her as a unit, but without a personal refine, and generally low stats in comparison to newer archers, she definitely needs something. I want a solid reason to want to use her again, even if Tanya is my current merge project.

I’ve been waiting a long time for this Xander refine… please make it happen :feh_sharenacry:

I still don’t understand why Hector didn’t get a refine , og armards it’s so outdated… I know he has access to berserk armards but other units like Ephraim or Eliwood got refines for their weapons long time ago.


Ninian, Cecilia, Draug, some gen 2.

Ninian needs stats and a better weapon to either accentuate her role or change it.

Cecilia’s stats are ass and she really needs something much stronger than 11Mt and has some more skills.

Draug could use something to build on his speedy role, but not invalidate everyone who already has SF on him.

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I don’t you really can cross those off the list.
Doubt that naming is going to be that big of a factor.

But we’ll see if they keep up the pattern, Legion should be next.


Ayra deserves better

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But who could be better than God himself? :feh_ardenwoke:


Lex, so Larcei can get paragon.

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Please :feh_faecheer:

I have the feeling that’s time for Cecilia to shine. And she needs A LOT in order to do it.

Oh… And AZURA.

Bias all over the place, but she needs something along the lines of one of her alts.

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Yea but for Y Tiki didnt have Lightening breath, so the refine was mostly for her and they decided to also give the Adult version of Tiki. Nowi comes with standard Lightening breath so i just hope she stays as a DC refine tbh.

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I am hoping Effie is this year bc i have her maxed. Plus since IS is finally refining armors like Gwendy, there is hope for it. As for DC weapons since some have a Legendary Alt as well, and dancers (unknown reason, maybe support) might come at the end of the year like you said or at the end of all these priority refines.

bump-updated the list. Still skipping DC refines i see…But now they are finally refining armors…Effie and Sheena coming soon…

bump-updated list.

Wow for blues only Nowi and Effie are left that makes sense coming soon. My 2 invested units are last…

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