Refine News

So mage Eirika got a refine. Now for L’arachel and Myrrh need theirs. Gaius finally got one, that’s good. Another old man, and Ursula, a grail unit. That’s nice


Bruh yourself


I think this batch is great!!!

All of them are budget units (eirika we can get from heroes path), which is lovely jubbly!

I’m excited for Gunter and Ursula the most (would’ve been funny if Ursula got the Bolting tome instead but I digress).


I am amazed and saddened that Azura is going to get a resplendent form, is a 5* locked, and she still doesn’t have a PRF weapon. Boring batch to me but kudos for those that like these units.


In the guessing thread I said SM!Eirika, Gunter, Oliver, and Wrys (more of a joke guess). Getting half of em right ain’t too bad.

I’m really excited for Eirika in particular because she is +7 right now and it will be a perfect opportunity to Max her out in the rare Red Tome Cav category. La’rachel should be right around the corner.

I’m actually most surprised but shouldn’t be about Ursula. Originally she was a great alternative to Reinhardt by slapping a bladetome on her. My old school Cav team was Xander, Cecilia, Rein, Ursula and they would just wreck any content. Since then she has fallen into obscurity, so I’m happy to see her get a boost!

Gaius and Gunter were the obvious picks.


So it’s L’Arachel with a Bladetome (or that Fury tome?) vs Ursula with a possibly good prf weapon.

I don’t think L’Arachel is outclassing Ursula until we know for certain what her prf is. A +10 Ursula can blow a +10 L’Arachel out of the water if her prf is good enough.


Still only 4 per month…
Even if thoses are not bad at all… Why don’t they speed the ■■■■ up?


Ursula :purple_heart: I’m so happy!

But I hope L’Arachel is in the next batch, she deserves a refine

I don’t care about Mage!Eirika, Gunter or Gaius but at least Gaius’s weapon looks cute


Im happy for the gauis refine. He’s the one ill most likely use. And lollipops

But why not just give azura a refine now that shes getting a spotlight in resplendant units?


I like the idea of Gunter’s refine giving him a strong support affect, that could boost the offensive potential of a nearby ally by quite a bit (maybe true damage or faster specials).

This is so it could resemble the forceful partner skill he had in Fates.

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I feel like they’re going that route for a lot, if not most, of the cavalier prf weapons. They typically have some type of support effect mixed in.


Well, we gotta see what the refine is.
Laslow jumped from bottom tier to top tier.
And some thought Barst never could measure up.

So who knows?

@Krazytre Cavs have the benifit of positioning easier. So especially 2 range support effects work out quite well for them


It’s a good batch for sure, but I personally only care about Eirika. Mine is +4 and I use her a lot with her tome, so I’m definitely refining her.

Still not giving me the push to spend 200.000 feathers on Cecilia.


I won’t be refining any of the weapons but just seeing a grail unit is encouraging.


Not just that.
The previous bunch have all been characters who were linked to another getting refined.
Tobin with Gray and Clive with Mathilda.

Ursula is totally on her own. Which is great.


Yes. I was worried that nobody tied to Lyon was left but now it seems that he could get a refine anyway.

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Unless She has an awesome weapon (wich She deserves) I think I’m fine :joy:

(64 attack and 52 speed on initiation :ok_hand:)


Oh look people can’t complain anymore that SM!Eirika sucks
What a bummer

I feel betrayal :feh_morganagrom:


I’m starting to think we like the same units :eyes:

I’m super happy for Ursula and I’m going to max merge her if the refine is good, and today I found my first Rhajat in that banner with Osian, Selkie and Shannan. +Atk too :feh_hridexcited: