Refines and Datamine Thread (July 2022)

This is a wiki, pls edit it with new stuff while I sleep :feh_lynsleep:


New OC art stuff (for TT+ story?)


Roy gets Breath

Panne looks kinda insane for a F2P tbh
+12 to everything, cav beast effect, guard, more damage

kinda like f2p selkie with bootleg nfu and guard



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oh lol perfect timing

Quick thoughts from what is here (edited for all):

L!Roy is good enough, he can run NFU in B

F!Mareeta is interesting with the stat decrease check but I suppose it’s “if foe is fast, fuck their spd. if not, screw their Def” at the end of the day. Got all the effects she wanted (null guard and stats lol) so she’s fine

Kjelle is a bit odd to me. She should’ve gotten null effective armor or slaying or hell any stat increase, but I guess it works. Her refine seems interestingly… good? I think it’s a BST check, which means she will fuck over less BST heavy units, which is ironically not very good on a unit that’s OLD. I still don’t fully understand it though so I will withhold major judgement until I see it in action, but she does seem to have some potential for major tankiness.

Panne has the really weird guard effect on an offensive unit and gets a guaranteed follow-up instead of NFU which kinda sucks but I suppose IS can’t be handing out NFU on literally every single fast unit in the game.

Mordecai doubles down on his repositional shenanigans which I like, though I wish it was a bit better. Maybe I’m missing something but at least he’s very unique.

B!Fjorm now has drive null penalties… damn.


smite pulse smoke is cool on mordy
otherwise just more atk/def

fjorm didn’t get a refine idk what you mean

New OCs


that first one just looks like someone really wanted to see an aged up mist to me


Alright I’m gone. :catwave:


also something to note
kjelle’s %age effect on the refine is way better than it looks at first

It still depends on how she ends up triggering it but

Atk% reduction is probably the most stupid thing they’ve introduced into the game at all tbh

Say she has higher everything except Spd than you
That’s 30% Atk reduction
That takes an 80 Atk unit down to 56 Atk before calcs and skills


Proof is in the weapon triangle with a meager 20% Atk swing making huge differences. She gets 10% at all times, I can only imagine it being better than what I’m reading, I just don’t know how far they’ll go with “base stats”. Does it include merges and/or DFs? I’ll let others figure it out


BREAKING: L!Ike found deceased in a ditch! Brave Dimitri takes joy in recent events?

Ragnell and Alondite refines are malding as we speak. More at 10!


New OC art reminds me of Groom!Rafiel’s special art.

Also, seems we’re not gonna get a male OC this rounds. Bummer. Especially since fairy book next year is 100% gonna be all girls.

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L!Roy seems good, but I’m most excited for the new OCs. The girl interests me right now because her art is really pretty, its different from other OC arts.

Bridal Fjorm got the best refine, and she was the only one still useful on that list KEKW


Bonus Doubler SS


Fjorm and Panne were my only interests and while Fjorm’s is simple, its very good on a support unit so happy with that. Annoyed she got her HP condition to foe’s HP-1 while Aversa was stuck with HP-3. It bugs me in general they use ≤ unit’s HP-1, why not just < unit’s HP?

Panne got the massive stats she needed, guard removes fear of immediate specials on counterattack but that speed condition bothers me. Is that part of the ‘at start of combat’ condition or does it include the possible +12 in-combat stats she gets and whatever else her skills are giving?

While Mareeta isn’t of interest, if Summer Laegjarn gets that same boost next months then I’ll be very happy with that.


I’d say… Kjelle’s refine is already far better than Effie’s

The only thing I really wanna put on her is Slick Fighter to stop penalties then just switch out Ignis for Bonfire (sure less damage but eh)


Mordecai’s refine feels somehow… tame. Maybe I expected too much on a 4* unit (plus I really wanted him to get an OP refine), but pulse smoke won’t prevent any faster unit to proc their special on him, and +10 Atk/Def leaves him still incredibly vulnerable against any magic attack. -10 Atk/Def on the foe would’ve been so much better