Refines/Personal Weapons Thread

As the title says, what refines and/or personal weapons would you like to see in the future?
I personally would like to see a refine for my boi Ryoma. I would like it to be a Wo dao and/or Slaying effect, if not then something special to him, such as a null c-disrupt.

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I love rebecca and I’ve invested heavily in her even though I’m well aware shes objectively bad. A solid prf weapon that fixes her low atk would be awesome for my girl.

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Personally, I would appreciate the most right now:

Cecilia: 14 Mt Raventome with Null C-Disrupt (+Eff). Something like Distant Defense 4 would be interesting as well.

Sheena: 16 Mt Slaying Axe with permanent Guard (+Eff), so basically a fusion between Slaying Axe and Hack-o’-Lantern. An alternative would be something like a conditional DC if she has more Def/Res than the enemy or something like that.

Ragnell (both Young and Legendary Ike): Probably something to increase their Res, a Warding Stance 4 effect is unlikely but would be very cool.

Gradivus (personally for Camus, but would be available for Hardin as well): I think a Spectrum Stance and/or a Breath effect would be very good for both.

I’m still expecting a batch of DC refines for February.


I support this :eyes:

Otherwise… A tome for Lyon with Brynhildr’s effect of avoiding follow-ups if the foe has less Def than him? :thinking:

And/or a Lull Atk/Res refine, I’d be happy with either. :feh_legion:


Um, grails and gen 1s, especially Jagen and Gunter because I want a reason to build him
And more each month


Henry, Henry, Henry, Henry, and Henry.


deep, long, raspy, desperate inhale


Give him flat damage reduction when the enemy engages on him, IS. Do it, you cowards!


If Canas could get some sort of a pref Fox Tome that’d be GREAT!

(bonus points if he gets a better Loyal Wreath effect)

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F.Corrin, Setsuna, Sheena, and hell since they are doing book 2 units now might as well add in Soleil also.

For F.Corrin here are a few idea’s for weapon refines

  • Upgraded Dark Breath that has either Slaying or Wao Da effect with -6 Atk/Spd/Def/Res to target and foe’s within 2 spaces if she Attack’s
    (Eff) Add’s the debuff’s on the target as buffs for her
  • Again Slaying or Woa Da effect, with +5 Spd/Def if an Ally is within 2 Spaces of her
    (Eff) A Close Call effect but based on the units Def without the Hit and Run effect… but Def is so easy to get really high so would probably need to be something different

Setsuna is easy

  • Brave Bow with -2 Spd
    (Eff) Desperation 3… So I can actually make use out of Special Spiral on her
  • Brave Bow with -2 Spd
    (Eff) Lull Spd/Def


  • Pretty much just give her Beruka’s Axe


  • Slaying Effect Firesweep Sword
    (Eff) Heavy Blade or Flashing Blade 4
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16 mt wo dao with atk/spd solo refine (she had Tantivy in Awakening through the Spotpass stuff and that is a solo skill)

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Did you take this expectation from my last post because I mentioned the same exact thing

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I did see your post, but I have been expecting an Anniversary DC batch for a good while now. I think I mentioned it in the forum before this point, but this is the earliest mention I can easily find.

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Gib Joshua pls
A refine for Nowi and Fae would be pretty nice too, want to actually build them eventually and I prefer building around prfs so I’m waiting for them.

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Rebecca with a blade bow effect and refined desperation would be fantastic. Would be incredibly helpful due to her low attack

Do I even need to say it?

Donnel is still the only low rarity Infantry lancer (of the 3 that we have) that does not have a prf weapon.

Is Henry the only low rarity summoning pool red mage without a prf weapon?

Gaius and Jakob need prf weapons desperately.

Cecilia does not have one and she’s the only cavalry mage in the low rarity pool aside from L’Arachel.

Why the hell does Gunter not have one?

And why the hell did Mathilda get a refine before Jagen when Jagen was arguably worse than her before her recent prf weapon?

And that’s not even discussing the Grail units.

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Besides M.Morgan Who kinda needs one too but Henry need’s one first

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He has one, it’s just that no one uses it :eyes:

I was mainly talking about refines

Give Ryoma Kestrel Stance 3 and Desperation Vantage
If he doubles and is under 75% HP, he attacks twice before the enemy attacks once

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