Refining my wind season team

So my wind season team currently consists of L!Corrin, Chrom and Travant.

Despite the decent scoring, I’ve been struggling to consistently win with them (although Chrom does well sometimes). Even L!Corrin has struggled to be effective with her vanilla build.

I was thinking of using Muarim and Aversa together, as Aversa can provide debuff support/ranged poke while Muarim is a strong galeforcer that can help debuff if the opponents are separated.

I’m tempted to summon for atk/res hold for Aversa, but the current build is fine with my current fodder.

I was also wondering if I should change L!Corrin’s build. While her vanilla build with spd boon is fine, she really struggles against many meta threats. Is there any builds that stand out for L!Corrin?

One last thing: I’m STILL hesitant on good arena builds for the Askr trio (mainly Alfonse/Anna), so some tips on good builds for them is also appreciated.


I think debuff support is a great idea to make L!Corrin tankier overall.

I personally prefer the +Atk IV for the classic Negating Fang+Shield Pulse build, but +Spd could use NFU/NCD better, and equip Mystic Boost SS for passive healing.

I think replacing Travant for Muarim is a given for both utility and scoring, and that’s a really solid build for him, one that I’m actually thinking of giving him :feh_bigbeauty:

If you have RDI4 on Chrom, it’s hard to justify the change for Aversa unless you already have her built. If that’s the case I would say go for it. Ranged Flying units are really good in arena because most maps are mountain/forest/water heavy, and having a unit with low defenses is a really big help to control the AI. If that same unit can support from afar in the form of debuffs, I’d say it’s an absolute win. Access to flying mobility SS skills like Ground Orders or Guidence is also an option that can and will save you in a pinch.


I’m not surprised you are struggling, Arena is mean now

Your team is pretty helpless against something like this

Duo Chrom was such a mistake

Aversa and Muarim can probably work but. It’s going to be a run run run thing. So many Lynjas. So many Ninjorrins. So many Chrobins. You can’t really count on L-Corrin to tank shit like that


I used Muarim during his bonus weeks (at +10 he would be almost the same as +2 with bonus stats) with Distant Pressure, NFU and Even Tempest and he did excellently. A DC A slot on him can actually really help a lot if you want him to bait and kill some ranged Reds like Duo Chrom.


I suppose I was thinking about Aversa replacing Chrom to make my team more flexible with a ranged unit with debuff utility, but I understand it would be a shame to stop using Chrom due to the fodder I committed.

As for L!Corrin, I gave her +spd as she was still struggling to one shot many units with a +atk IV, so I wanted to improve her odds of not being doubled.

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Is there any other units you could recommend that could better deal with these meta arena units in wind season compared to Muarim and Aversa?

If needed, I’m flexible to swap certain units around to make my time in arena smoother.

@Dannwond mentioned Muarim can deal with Duo Chrom but DC A slot and especially NFU are vital for it, otherwise he gets doubled and Deadeyed. Without DC he can probably draw Chrom’s attention away from the team and deal with him next turn but terrain can make that difficult, and the chip damage is an oof

I have never used Aversa in Arena but I don’t think she makes a very good green check, losing hard to Duo Dagr, Eitri, and the like, not being able to do much to stuff like Bagel either.

Personally I’d like to give a shout out to this fella

They’ve been on my Arena squad for several months now and they are an absolutely incredible physical wall. They take no damage from Lynja or Duo Dagr, and in fact I can even throw them at many physical blues without fear (in fact, I did just that to a +10 Cordelia a couple weeks ago, and Kyza took 0 damage and destroyed her effortlessly).

Magic is a problem, admittedly; I have to make them PP Ninjorrin and Eitri but they usually can one shot Eitri even through her DR. They are a very Grail costly project though, so if you’re low on Grails you may just have to make do


I’ll admit Kyza does seem like a nice option as well. I was considering a fun speedy/tanky solo build (spd boon, spd/res solo 4, null fu, and spd/def solo SS).

I mainly considered Aversa to add more unit variety in my team, as it can be very handy to use a good ranged unit with the debuffs helping L!Corrin get more kills.

Having no experience with L-Corrin in Arena but having done matches in the 760+ scoring range, I am uncertain of her ability to consistently beat foes with Brave effects (Lynja/Corrinja) and forced follow ups (Eitri, L-Sigurd, Duo Chrom, etc.) L-Sigurd and L-Micaiah are particularly worrying matchups due to also being Wind season legendaries and having DR to soften the blow from Corrin’s Negating Fang and potentially blocking her one shot, and Aversa is poor at dealing with them herself. On their own Muarim can probably beat them but depending on allies (especially if Pathfinder from Duo Dagr gets involved) it could get sticky

If Muarim and Aversa are awkward choices, is there any other high scoring units that would be okay in wind season (apart from Kyza)?

As for L!Corrin, I was wondering if maybe altering her build to be more specialised would work? E.g. giving her a pure melee enemy phase build with a stance skill, null fu/dragon wall, and maybe even blue flame (since removing shield pulse makes negating fang far less useful).

Idk, I think my Aversa can bait and kill Duo Corrin if she’s affected by her Panic and debuffs, which tends to be the case. She also generally just helps making Arena enemies much weaker, since most enemies will run high-scoring Rallies (and many also use things like Menace skills). Harsh Command+ can be dangerous though.

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This is absolutely kryponite for any debuff build

I have been fortunate enough to not encounter it (as I heavily abuse Atk/Spd Ruse in Arena) but though it is very rare it is something to keep in mind


Fortunately only one enemy tends to have it when I find it. Just need to be on the lookout if you’re going for baiting.

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Actually now that I think about it (and thanks to watching new unit trailer again) this is a Wind season team and so L-Micaiah’s Maiden’s Solace (which I totally forgot has a Harsh Command+ effect) is a huge problem for Aversa. If this were another season it wouldn’t be as big of a deal, but for Wind season specifically, you have to be very careful whenever coming across enemy Micaiah, and if she’s anywhere near as prevalent as L-Claude in Earth that could lead to a lot of maps where your debuffs can be turned against you

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Well, I got 3886 points with BDF3 Catria, Aversa, Brave Micaiah and L!Lucina. It was somehow fine.

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I mean yeah, you can still win but you just have to play carefully

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With time, I would like to highly merge L!Micaiah as well. Besides obviously being one of my faves, she can be quite annoying when she does show up. At least she’s +2 +Atk for now.

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So I was mulling over different team ideas and thought of a few different options:

If I use Muarim, I like the idea of using Boyd with him. I’d give Boyd odd tempest and Muarim even tempest to have high mobility galeforce units (Boyd could use times pulse + wrath instead for a one-shot build).

However, if I kept Chrom on the team I like the idea of using a colourless infantry unit for ranged player phase power (I have C duel infantry fodder). While Jamke and F!Takumi would be the most ideal options, I like the idea of using Kaze (I used him in my Conquest play through). I’d use times pulse and aether in player phase so, if the enemy can counter, Kaze could use aether on his second attack.