Regarding Art of Death CE

Hey, I’m planning to maxed Art of Death CE. and here I wanna ask how good is Art of Death CE and is it worth to maxed it up? How much will it be useful on future Lostbelt and/ Events ?


It’s fine. No gauge, just powermod against humanoid which is a broad enough niche to be worth slotting at times. But 4* CE so you won’t see that much benefit from CE bombing it.


It’s really niche. Mines MLB and it only gets used with servants who don’t have damaging nps. It’s also powercrept by honey lake even if you don’t get it MLB.


It’s 30% powermod against most servants so it has its uses in CQs. Crucially it is in the same buff bracket as crit up and NP up so 1, if you use this on crit servants other crit buffs will make this 30% less substantial and 2, no starting charge = harder to NP, and 3, lower atk stats compared to 5 star CEs

imo depending on what other CEs you have leveled the CE bombs can be saved for an alternative.


It’s a great CE for soloers, if you’re into that - Cu Alter and Herc both love it, Herc sometimes even more than his Bond CE. I can’t really think of a situation I’d use it outside of that, though.


İts nice to have it leveled but many of the 5* ces outshine it. İf you already have the classic good ces maxed then go for it

I have it max levelled and honestly I think it’s a bit of a sleeper pick, yeah a lot of 5* CEs are a better option but if you’re having cost issues and/or want to stick it on a backup DPS, it isn’t a bad pick. It’s 30% applied to every card, so in some circumstances it will be better than the coloured card stat. As some others have said, it’s decent for soloers.
It’s also really good on Izo as it already plays on his humanoid niche.
I’d probably reccomend levelling other CEs over it first, but personally I think it’s a decent pick. Humanoid is a really good trait covering plenty of enemies, especially bosses.