Regarding GSSRs

I was just wondering, how do you guys go about in choosing which summoning pool to go for?

It’s that time of the year again, and the GSSR is amost upon us.

I’m conflicted as to which banner I should go for.

I mean do i go for the pool containing my most anticipated character but has plenty of characters I already have or don’t care for?

Or do i go for the pool that has the most number of servants I don’t own? (I quite like getting new characters, just for the sake of having them)



Go to one of the GSSR threads.


Different for everyone.

Some use GSSR as their biggest chance for a new Servant and try very hard to avoid NP levels.

Others want NP levels on favorites.

Still others are just trying to avoid USOs.

And then some of us are throwing darts.


It’s up to you. I’m personally aiming for the pool that has the most results I’d be happy with (Red Knights 1) as it has no servants I dislike and most of them would bring something nice to my roster.

The rest is pretty much as Gou said. So go for whatever you think will make you happiest out of those options.


I usually try to balance between which has best chance of getting a good result and avoid worst case results. I have a history of rarely getting a desired servant in the GSSR. While some of the meh pulls have become valued servants, others remain solid meh and forgotten. With the history of bad pulls, worst-case avoidance can be stronger than the pull of best case win. But not always. Sometimes the ones with the least risk also have the least exciting win too so I’ll take the riskier pool and got the pls no result for it


I normally try to pick the pool with the most positive options/non dupes but that like never works. Once you get late into the game gssr is pretty butt in general


I still got 19 days to decide if I would go GSSR but if I do then I’m going for the pool where I find most servant I don’t have but want. That way I won’t end up getting a servant I don’t want, or an unneeded extra copy of a servant.

Personally, I just avoid the pool with Skadi. It’s the worse case for me since Np2 would literally give me nothing. Kinda annoying since the rest of the servants in the pool are great for me (umu caster, da vinci, raikou np2, shuten, Malter, Reines). I would EASILY roll for this pool if Skadi wasn’t there. Basically, I just avoid the worst case scenario.

And then there’s the pool with White knights where I can guarantee a new servant. I’m not rolling it though since there’s a reason why I don’t have them, cause I don’t roll for them. None of them would make an impact on my account either.

The pool that I’m rolling on, the one with Castoria. She’s the only servant that would have an impact on my account. It does have mUSAshi who came to my acc back to back NP2 from the last 2 GSSRs. Np3 would be useful. That’s about it. The rest of the SSRs here r also okay for me.

There are banners like the one with Kintoki and Merlin that I really want but there’s the landmine that is NP3 Iskandar. He’s hot, but he’s not THAT hot.

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I go for the highest chance at something new. Because something new is that, something new. It allows for you to have more things to play around with.

Also if looking at other things another 30k be exp during Valentine 's and more quartz should that servant have some rank ups or interludes.


If I’m desperate I’ll gamble on a risky banner. If not I’ll gravitate usually towards new stuff (for my account)


Sometimes you don’t even need the servant to do their interlude/strengthening, at least on JP they run campaigns and I do interludes/strengthening’s for servants I just don’t have. Not sure if that’s a recent thing that just hasn’t come to NA or what. I like it because quartz is quartz and anything to have more progress to the next milestone for 10 bonus quartz.

I always gssr, $15 for at least one ssr and sr would only be not worth it if I had NP5 of all the ssr’s though that’s not going to happen. How I pick right now is where is Archuria and I pick that as there isn’t a better jackpot anywhere.

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…this is a thing eventually? You can do Interludes for Servants you don’t have? I mean Idgaf about Rank-Ups that don’t do anything for a Servant I don’t have (except for a little SQ) but we get the Plot for every Servant?

Not all of them, but when they come out with new ones it seems. Like they’re doing that road to 7 stuff and last month between events I did some interludes. Found them here from a quick search

For the most part I tend to prioritize the banner that offers the smallest chance of disappointment, even if that particular banner doesn’t offer the servant I would want most. An example would be that this year the servant I would want most is Sima Yi (Reines), however rolling on that banner would have a greater than 50% chance of pulling something that I really don’t want. Instead, I’ll be rolling on the Red Knights (2) banner which offers a 43% chance of a servant I’d really like and only a 14% chance of a dud.

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You don’t get a SSR and a SR each time, do you?
I was sure that this time it’s only the SSR and at next years Anni it’s a SSR from a specific group while the SR is random. :fgo_tomoethink:

Anniversary usually has the better GSSR combinations. We don’t get the guaranteed SR on this NY banner (or the next one).

Figured, thanks! :fgo_ereshlove:

Will go for the support that I don’t have or the most wanted servant that I don’t have

FWIW, NP levels will give you more out of Skadi post Rank Up quest release as that adds a scaled Attack buff in addition to greatly increasing the crit buffs.

As for my GSSR choice, it will be Red Extra 1. It’s pretty much perfect for me. It’ll be an NP level for an Abby, or a new servant I’m guaranteed to be interested in.