Regarding izou np levels and performance

Hello. Considering that izou is a limited 3 star i was wondering if even at lower np levels would he be okish at least gameplay wise for a assassin? I have shiki np 5 for my ST assassin besides wu. I want to roll for him but i do not now if i should roll for multiple copies if even at high np levels he does not do every well. If he has better performance at max skills does that make him more viable or with some grails? The info online doesnt really match up with the personal experience people have regarding him. Thanks for any advise.

Post-buff Shiki outdamages Izou significantly even with him at NP5. My recommendation is just roll him because you like him and don’t expect him to outperform your Shiki regardless of how many copies you roll.

NP2 is enough, from NP2 to NP5, dmg gain slower. He’s good at star gen -> critical chance. 1 turn 100% humanoid dmg with NP + 2 hit crit + 1 bonus attack is very fun.
Shiki NP5 is good enough. Next year she will get NP upgrade, increasing dmg and armor penalty.

Izou is a love roll. Okay, that sounded odd.

His kit is fantastic, but we should remember that he’s a 3* Assassin. Even at his best, he’s not breaking the game even though his ceiling is surprisingly high for his class and rarity combo.

He also loses out on the nearly-universal 3* advantage of eventual NP5 through FP gacha, and he can never spook other banners since he’s limited.

Too much investment required to make him shine except for players who just like him and want to use him.


I’m definitely rolling for him on my “1-3 ☆ only servants” account. He’ll be a good anti-servant with my very limited line up even at NP1. But even then, when going against Riders, a NP5 Hundred Face will outshine this bad boy…

But that shouldn’t stop you from rolling, if you want to roll for him then you gotta roll for him :fgo_elementarymydear: