Regarding Mana Prisms and Chaldea Lunchtime

Hi, I recently just got to 5k mana prisms and was wondering if i should spend them on lunchtime (i would have to burn someone for the RP), or if i should wait.
The question is: when is the next limited CE, like lunchtime coming? is it worth it to save my MP for then so i wont have to burn servants later?

I think Chaldea tea time comes out this time next year. You won’t need a rare prism for it, just 5000 mana prisms, if you snag it during its first run.

But, be aware we have some costume dress options coming up soon. Astolfo and Jalter, iirc, and they each cost 1000 np each.

Thanks for the reply. So i can spend all of my MP now, because i’ll have about a year to save 5k for teatime. Is that correct?

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That is my understanding.

It will be released during the 15 million (will be 12 million for us) download campaign next November:

yeah, you’ll have plenty of time

also, lunchtime is better for bond farming using your own ce, so there’s that as well

(lunchtime +10% bond, while teatime is +5% if equipped to your own servant and +15% if grabbed from support. all numbers here based on mlb)

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Thanks. Now I just have to decide who to burn for lunchtime :|

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I mean you could just wait until christmas3 rerun next year to get 5 rare prisms then, provided you participate in the christmas3 event this year and np5 santa altera

or if you were around during the summer2 event this year and got the key to unlock medb’s costume dress, rerunning that quest during the summer2 rerun next year gives a rare prism instead

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Only Astolfo’s and Paru’s outfits (and later Elder Li’s 2x 500 MP getups) cost MP. Jalter’s, Arthur’s, etc. are all free or guaranteed from scent participation, like the former’s being bought from the Counterfeit shop/easily obtained just by playing the event.

@Wishmaster If you participated in Summer 2 you only need to wait for Summer 2 RR for a free RP, provided you got Medb’s outfit earlier this year, as mentioned. I highly suggest against burning anyone for bond. You still have if nothing else (Interlude/Strengthening Quest), bond SQ gained from any gold, and as someone with it, its effects are highly overrated; they add up to like, merely days saved. Never mind that your heaviest farm periods in lotteries or 1/2 AP Dailies (or at least Doors) are not times in which you’d prioritize it anyway… let alone in any event in general as a standard.

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also, my personal suggestion for if you must burn someone and aren’t lucky/whale enough to roll any np6+ gold servants:

wait until you roll an np2+ servant that isn’t too personally useful and/or doesn’t have a good (scaling) np

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Burning perfectly good servants for your goal? You really are the Kyuubey/ Incubator aren’t you?

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Thank you for the correction!

somehow got lost in the wrong board though

fitting, given plot stuffs

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Just wants to converts us and all our servants into witches and magical girls!!!