Regarding the Gavial Event

I’m new player here, I have all of my low rarity elite 1 but not maxed out yet.
I want to ask something, in the event guide about the farming efficiency, should I really farm RI-8 for RMA70 ?? or RI-6 for efficiency ?? Any tips is helping, Thanks :slight_smile:

That depends. RI6 is for farming Tier 3 Rocks while RI8 is for farming RMAs.

Now, T3 Rocks can be made in the base’s workshop from T2 Rocks. Whereas RMAs cannot be made and must be farmed.

Another thing to consider is that T2 Rocks have a map (1-7) where they are a guaranteed drop. 1 or 2 T2 Rocks per run, which costs 6 Sanity per run.

RMAs, however, have no maps where they are a guaranteed drop.

As such, for many of us, there is more value in farming RMAs from RI8 than there is in farming Rocks from RI6 because the reported drop rate of RMAs In RI8 is higher than the drop rate in Chapter 4, which is normally the best place to farm them outside of event maps.

Of course, this also depends on your immediate and/or long term needs. So I suggest looking up your operators’ needs so you can better decide. If you’re relatively new and don’t have a large stockpile of mats, you could consider farming both.


Yeah, i’m still really new like i’ve played for 3 weeks now, and this is my first event.
I don’t know though what my operators need, i just casually upgrade every low rarities that really necessary for gameplay first, i haven’t upgrade anything besides their levels for 4 stars and 5 star cause it takes a long time to get there
Anyway thanks though

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Try this.

You can choose your operator, pick your target level and skill level, and it’ll show what all you need.

Or look up the individual operator and their pages will show what mats they need.

This might help especially if you have a preferred team already that you wanna raise as your main team.


The best would be to farm the RMA since, as LeiCiel said, you don’t really have an eazy peazy node in the permanent part of the game , while you can do it for the Rocks.

However it is also up to you and what’s your goal for now, you might prefer farming something else if you’re in need of it.

But all in all if you are new to the game, the best would be to have fun and just try to farm what you feel the most important regarding your current operator (and who you plan to raise)

If you want to check what you will need (in term of ressource) you have this tool that let you check each operators and what is required for each Elite tier and also each Skill upgrade

Also, since you’re new, for further notice you have thise page that can quickly let you know the sanity cost for each ressource and each tiers of it. (it is, as far as I know, still up to date last time I checked)

Hope you enjoy your event !

Durian is top priority :feh_reinyes:
No further explanation needed.

Make a target, less than a hundred, 150, 200 etc,
Your call.
Then go for second or third priority after that
If the time and sanity allows.

Thanks, appriciate your help

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