Regarding the self-stun mechanic

Hi, first post here. Excuse me if i screw anything up.

So recently, it came to my attention that while self-stun is generally considered as one of the worst demerits you can have in the game, it just became worse for me.

What i mean is that being stun somehow affects your skill cooldown time.

Case and point., credit to u/Xatu44.

Contrary to popular beliefs, being stunned doesn’t allow your skills to keep cooling down but instead, much like the actual servant, it cease all of their activites, which includes cooldowns.

Has there been any announcement or official statement of this?

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Why would there need to be? Is this not an intentional behavior? I can’t imagine this flying under the radar for long if it really was a bug, and personally I have never noticed stun’s interaction with cooldowns.

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We do have the General Support Thread - New Players, Ask Here First! for questions like this, but I’ve observed that stuns lock all the skills with a “cooldown” timer showing the duration of the stun, so I’m not terribly surprised that it also disrupts the Cooldowns as well.

I suppose it would be important to ask whose self stun you’re talking about. If it’s Jeanne, well… her NP upgrade removes that self stun. Other self stuns act differently.

Other servants with self stun are Rishtar, Santera, Tomoe summer and Okita summer, are the ones that i know

Tama Cat and Fran as well.


Note that Rider Ishtar’s self stun is special in that it stuns herself after 1 turn so that might be the cause of the confusion. It might be an order of operations issue depending on when the stun actually activates and when the skill actually reduces its cooldown.

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Dunno what you mean by popular belief… Skills of Servants under stun have cooldown stopped and it reactivates when stun wears off. It has always been that way


Obligatory shout-out to the self-stun immunity CC being one of the best CCs out there because of how useful it will be to certain servants. I can’t wait to get it for Rider Ishtar, plus in two years we’ll be able to move the higher rarity CCs around without removers so I can leave a space open on each servant that self-stuns so that I can swap it between them as needed.


As far as I know, it has always been like that. Though I only realized that recently after watching YouTube video (either Fino or touhou sniper) of certain servant with self stun.

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A lot of people that i asked make the same assumption i did so it’s all news to me. It’s just strange to me that this wasn’t mentioned at all anywhere in wikias, youtube, forums, etc. when i feel like it should.

FGO has a lot of hidden mechanics that aren’t really obvious if you’re not looking for them, haven’t heard about them before, or don’t even know where to begin looking for them.

Which is the primary reason I made the General Support Thread.
Things like Class Atk modifiers, the way that Guts works, the so-called “Musashi bug” (bit complicated to explain, look it up), and so on…


Yeah, the way guts works really confused me when I started cause everyone kept saying that Herc is the best, but no one explained it’s quirk (enemy servant will stop attacking after guts servant dies when it can’t find other target).

I was assuming it’s like other RPG’s guts, in which enemy will still keep attacking after guts proc. With that mindset, I was so confused why triple guts is great when enemy can proc all of them in one turn. Then a friend explained how it actually works in FGO.

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I found that out pretty early as TamaCat was one of my starting SRs. I was a little but surprised at first but after looking it up I found out that’s just the way it is. Stun from enemies is rare anyway and self-stuns can be avoided or planned around so it’s no big deal.