Regarding the SPboost+ orb bundle in the shop

Has anyone Purchased this bundle and if so are you getting a 5x or at least 2x SP boost, or does this only apply on the weekends. I just want some clarification because I don’t see a new castle in my design changes tab or a new hero backround and I’m sure it came with one of the 2. It was a spur of the moment purchase to finish my last rotation on the rearmed banner(got my 5th nyna😔) and didn’t have time to fully read what I purchased. Also am unable to find this in the FeH news via the official website.

I seriously appreciate any insight or if someone can share a screenshot of the bundle in the shop so I can get a second look.

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Try looking in your daily gifts. The new design should be there. Can’t remember if the design was for your units or for your castle though.

SP should be constantly at x5 until the next bundle which will go back to x2. This stacks with every other multiplier so I believe you get x10 on weekends.


Omg I didn’t think to check there I was stacking orbs and forgot about that thank you so much😭