Regarding the usefulness of poster girl ce

Hi. I wanted to know if i should rolls for a second or third copy of poster girl. I have a rather decent roster but with the uocoming meta shift with skadi and Cheng will more then 1 poster girl really up my options for gameplay? i was wondering what your thoughts?
On a side note I plan to roll skadi and i do not have a waver unless he spooks me on skadi banner.

Just one is plenty fine a lot of the time, especially once Chen Gong comes into the picture (at least assuming you can scope for him). It’s best used for offing the bulkier supports, so SR/SSRs, so that’s already 12+12/16 Cost or whatever, potentially even more. Good as it is, the expensiveness and the subsequent trade-offs can’t be overstated outside of like, budget setups. Plus, do keep in mind that you can summon for Outrage in a little under 2 years. I personally have 1 PG/2 Outrage and have found that to be absolutely perfect for all of my needs.

Two is worthwhile since there are multiple good premium supports that are worth offing - Chiron, Lanling, Raikou (Lancer), Waver, etc. - but it’s up to you whether that’s worth the trade-off of rolling for another unit, no less with Skadi so close as a target, and with Outrage being obtainable in the future without burning Servants. You can definitely make do plenty fine, you just won’t be able to full meme. But the diminishing returns are, IMO, very very apparent with where I’m at and you’re not far off.

It’s also worth asking yourself, how often do you personally really find yourself thinking “I really wish I could yeet [insert golds here].” And then seeing how that want stacks up against the aforementioned wants. Good and helpful doesn’t necessarily mean necessity; Jack’s amazing and I sure don’t need her for my Chaldea, compared to getting Skadi to amp up my Okita.

Good luck with Skadi, and any other future rolling targets.


PG is mostly a RNG-reducer in killing off supports, and putting taunt like PG means foregoing a starbomb like Carp or charger like Empieta. A lot of buff-stack setups don’t actually use that much taunt CEs to begin with (sometimes none is used) either because of team cost or needing stars/charge, and unless you can tolerate your buffers taking more than one turn to die (which reduces the amount of buffs you can stack) PG is strictly inferior to Outrage.

Personally I only have one Outrage as proper taunt CE and I have not find it an issue if I want to do buff stack meme, if I really need more than one taunt CE I’ll just ask a friend to put up a taunt buffer. 2xTaunt+Plugsuit is enough for you to cycle through a team of buffers for typical 3T setups.

Unless you already have in mind a setup you want to do that strictly requires more than one native PG, I do not recommend rolling purely for PG. Outrage is returning eventually and that Outrage banner also has a SR starbomb CE (Operation Fionna) which is pretty neat because Carp-clones can take up too much team cost at times and on top of that there’s a self-charge AOE SSR on rate-up: overall more desirable than the Okita PG banner for purely gameplay.

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Nice. I didn’t play Onigashima rerun on my Main, so this’ll help for a few setups.

You will get more SSR starbomb CEs from future events too.



  • Teachings of the Holy Maiden. (Quetzmas)
  • Gilding the Lily. (Ooku)
  • Scenic Beauty. (BINY 2019)

Also various gacha ones, like the one during Summer next year.


I think 1 poster girl is fine enought. No probably 1 is exceptionally useful. It just increase so many servant viability (all low star support for exemple, but also avicebron, caster gil, Helena and so on.)
One is mondatory.
2 is very good if you have very specific setup and condition, and you want to pump up someone for a speedy cq.
3 is optimal, but necessary only if you really want to do it. In the past year I only wanted more then one 2 time top.

Still, it is optimal.
Do not listen to “the cost make it hard to field, or you will give up to carp”. Those argument are limited by the the servant you want to use for the strategy.
I for exemple love to use it on gil caster for my archuria.
I have a Gil caster level 1 with the first skill at 9 just because I did not have multiple pg back then.
Now? I could do it with caster gil, then Chiron, then Mozart for archuria cool loop.

Still, thets my playstyle. I love to focus one servant and bring out the best of him. You usually don’t need thet.

The big limiting factor of PG is that it’s useless for traditional (no break bars) 3T farming since an enemy has to survive to take out the PG holder.

Hence why most agree that it’s not necessary, but is very cool to have if you’re into solos or unconventional buff stacking strats that you can’t reliably execute without one or more taunt CEs.