Regigigas in the PvP and PvE meta

With the recent announcement of the pay-to-play questline, it sounds like Regigigas will soon arrive to lord over our Pokemon PC, perhaps to collect dust for most people.

While this thing is quite clearly worthless in PvE, I think it has potential in PvP.

Avalanche + Stone Edge are great charged moves, both being rather cheap, strong and getting great coverage. Avalanche mauls Giratina and friends. Stone Edge hits the Fire types which resist Avalanche. You could throw on Rock Smash to smack around Steels which wall your charged moveset, even if the move itself is far from impressive.

I think it has solid potential in both the Ultra and Master leagues, emphasis on the latter due to it not restricting Gigas’ gargantuan CP


I’m not exactly an expert at PvP, but from what I can parse, both of its fast moves are egregiously terrible. As in, you’d have better luck trying to fight with Ursaring.

I could be wrong about that, though.

Their parameters are pretty horrible. But Rock Smash at least has coverage, and you have two cheap, excellent charged moves to pair with it.

I thought Rock Smash was terrible in PVP, plus Mamoswine learns Avalanche and Stone Edge for less dust.

Gigas has better bulk and a better resistance profile to its name, at least.

Though you may be right; Mamo may ultimately be the better choice

Yeah. The bulk is cool and obviously it’s a cool Pokémon but just, 100 candy and 100,000 dust oooffff

Figured I’d just throw this out there. What about a Bastadon(sp?) :100: I wanted to use for great league maxes out above 1500 and I have to stop with only 1496cp. Is there better iv options I should have wanted?

Regi will be held back by his typing and fast move in pvp and in pve it’s obvious unfortunately.

The #1 rank IV combination for Bastiodon is 12/15/15. That will give you CP 1497 at level 40.

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So I’m not to bad off then. Thanks!