Regigigas moveset ratings are inaccurate

I think Regigigas should have a higher rating for Rock Smash + Heavy Slam than Rock Smash + Stone Edge.

While Stone Edge deals higher DPS, Heavy slam has higher DPE and DPExDPS, so to say it’s Regigigas’s “weakest charge move” is actually wrong depending on how you look at it.

Also, the article goes on to say that RS + SE deals synergy against Ice. While this may be true, Steel-type Heavy Slam also has this same synergy against Ice. I did some research on the DPS TDO Comprehensive Spreadsheet to compare the performances, and with the current moves available against Regice, Regigigas actually dealt 1.109 DPS points higher with RS + HS than RS + SE. Not to mention that beyond Ice, RS + HS also has synergy against Rock, too, giving it even more reason top be ranked higher. RS + HS has synergy against 2 types, being Rock and Ice; RS + SE has synergy against Ice. Clearly, a more flexible move in terms of type coverage.

Is there something that I’m missing? What do you guys think?

Does it really matter? Regigigas is horrible in all aspects. :man_shrugging:


you might be right when it comes to the moveset rating unfortunatly, Regigigas is really bad for anything other than a very small niche situations like fighting a grunt with lick Snorlax or Larvitar. He might serve as a potion-efficient mon for other grunt battles aswell. IF he had a set with normal charge moves then he might have been a interesting option as a generalist and I questioned why Niantic did not gave it Crush Grip…

Regigigas would have been potentially very good in PvP and grunt battles if only its two quick moves weren’t terrible. :cry:

With Regigigas being the main attraction towing in this upcoming $8 event (plus having him as the next EX Raid Boss) I speculate a potential moveset shakeup might be coming for him. It may not be his signature “Crush Grip,” but I could definitely see Niantic adding “Giga Impact” into the game with the intent of making it Regigigas’ bread-and-butter attack.

Who knows though. We just had a year of an awful EX Boss who begged for an easy buff to his signature attack, and Niantic stood idly by the entire time. So who knows what they’re thinking?

As I say during Deoxys reign, a lot of people can’t do EXraids, because of the schedule they usually have with their works and studies, so it is perfect for ExRaids to have Dex fillers as is for now. If they have put Darkrai on ExRaids a lot of people would have scream to the four winds in anger for not be able to get it, or to get more the one or two.

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Now there are Chinese rumors about Giga Impact…some people are starting to prepare their pitchforks and lit the torches.

It’s moveset is just too bad at the moment. :/

Comparism good mons against Regirock (unknown moveset)
Flash cannon is not optimal for Metagross (same with surf Swampert)
too many cheaper mons performs better :/

You’re saying it’s bad if a Normal type Pokémon gets a decent Normal type move, because that Pokémon will only be available in EX Raids?

I mean, you’re right about EX Raids being out of reach to some players. But if those players cared about obtaining EX prizes, I think it’s safe to say there’s a very high chance we’ll get a period of time next August/September when the Regigigas becomes available in normal raids, just like we did for Mewtwo in 2018 and Deoxys in 2019. Plus, now we have a nice, convenient $8 ticket that looks like it’ll give anyone their own Regigigas, no EX-coordination required.

Now, I’m not saying I’m in love with the idea of this $8 ticket… right now I struggle to imagine why anyone would start paying Niantic money based on the sub-par, buggy experience they’ve been giving us for the past 3 years… but it does address the argument you’re making. I think it’s silly to think that any EX Boss needs to be gimped of any potential they might have just because they’re EX-clusive for 3/4 of a year.

Yes, you’re right: . Interesting to see where this goes. Some people are framing Giga Impact as a potential $8 ticket exclusive (which would be VERY scummy in my humble opinion), however I’m skeptical about this. We shall see.