Reines joins the chat

Do you think with Reines’ rank up recently, it makes her worth to join the Big Four, and becoming the Big Five? or do they accept Caster only?

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She’s definitely up there now. No question.


She’s the Honorary Memeber.


JP has her at S rank, same as Bride and Tamamo and below Waver, Merlin, and Skadi.

I think she deserves to be up there now. 50% batteries are a hellavu drug.

Jokes aside, she can fill a role similar to Waver’s. She also has a different kind of flexibility with the distribution of said battery that Waver doesn’t have. She can choose to give 1 servant 50% or 2 servants 30% while Waver can only do 50% to one and 20% to the other. So I’d imagine there are some scenarios where she could fit better than Waver if the 30-30 charge split was needed.


She could possibly solo Demeter since she’s the reason how I got through that fight, and that’s before her strengthening.

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What holds Bride back from being one of the big supports? Is it due to the cooldown on her first skill being a bit long, or does she just not offer as much support in general?

Just wondering, not making a case for her.

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I think it is the long skill cooldown + no supportive effect from NP. Speaking of which, lanling should be up there as a big support even though he isn’t a SSR.

re:topic: yes I think Reines is up there since she is basically a slightly different waver. If only her skill has a star weight down demerit lol

Bride is also a honorary member?

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Just was wondering what the qualifications were, because there’s quite a bit of variation among the top supports.

  • There’s the three card supports and the generalists (now more than one due to Reines’ promotion).
  • AoE buffs don’t seem to be a necessity since most of Skadi’s skills aren’t and same with Tamamo.
  • NP charge skills don’t seem to be a necessity since Tamamo lacks that, though her NP covers it.
  • Supportive NP is a theme, but doesn’t appear to be necessary since Skadi’s is rarely used.
  • Perhaps a unique niche is needed, as you have the card buffs, the handy debuffs on Waver’s NP, and the class advantage effect on Raines’ NP. With Bride maybe there’s the NP gain looping, but I haven’t tested that myself to see if the cooldown gets in the way of consistency in support.

Just wanted to discuss the qualifications since most of them are pretty different from each other in a few ways despite sharing certain themes.


Btw the big four is Waver Skadi Merlin and Nero bride

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Oh, I thought Tamamo was a part of that, did I overlook her demotion? I thought the NP strength buff put her back in the group.

Lacking NP damage was never the biggest issue with Arts team. So while the buff does mean that Arts team have their NP damage matching or exceeding other teams (Merlin has Atk up, skadi has def down in addition to their main mana burst skills), Tamamo still has the problem of slow to jumpstart. The meta now be it JP or CN is all about fast jumpstart because there are just too much variable to consider once the game drags on. Even Merlin is starting to fall out of favour on the tier list due to his smaller battery.

Caster, Rider, Saber… your class doesn’t matter.

Because in the end, all of them are ammunition for Chen. Except that one guy who is in the middle just watching everyone explode.


Huh, so you’re saying NP charge is a necessity for big support and unless she supplies that herself via a skill she can’t be a top support. Interesting.

I suppose the dilemma is that as long as they get the NP charge from elsewhere then suddenly she relies on a second support and as such her effectiveness is lower. Fair enough reasoning, just wondering whether that should really be the requirement for top support or if being Arts based is enough to speed along the NP gain process to make up for the lack of skill-based charge…

Something for me to look into/test as I raise my new Tamamo to see if I consider her a powerful support or not.

On a more serious note, 50% charge alone is sufficient to bring Reines into the club for sure


Hmmm, trying to identify who all is in the pile…

Looks like Arash, Waver, Skadi, Bride, Tamamo, Paracelsus, Summer Hokusai I think?, Santa Altera, and Hijikata?


When the strongest bow user is a caster

(Yeah I know the lore reasons behind it but still, its funny)


Can’t wait for the Chen Gong CQ this year


Tamamo having a charge skill is pretty much irrelevant since you’ll use her in Arts comps anyway. She’ll need like 2 or 3 turns to boot, but as soon as the train is moving there’s no stopping it. In that sense I think it’s even better for her NP charge to be tied to her NP, since you aren’t relying on skill cooldowns.

'sides, I’ve never heard anyone else saying Nero Bride is one of the Four Big Supports.
I won’t deny her amazing supportive utility, but at the bottomline, she’s a DPS/Support-Hybrid. That’s what cancels her out imo, because she’s not 100% made for support like the others.

As for Skadi’s NP: While it’s not used that often and it’s leveling+OC effect are whatever, it’s still a good supportive NP with the teamwide evade and the DEF up.

And to conclude: Have a nice picture