Reinhardt or Petrine for B Duel Cavalry?

First of all I already have +9 Resplendent Rein (can go already to +10), and I know he’s a very competent unit, but Petrine had me thinking I need a Fallen Edelgard killer. If anyone can suggest a better anti-FEdel unit please suggest to me. My current core is N!Hana/Naesala/Aversa.

  • Reinhardt
  • Petrine

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Honestly unless you are running say Harm Catria or Cav’s get their own NFU effect Petrine has a hard time dealing with Edelgard by herself unless she’s not transformed


She can do it but you need an unorthodox build.

Quick Riposte 3 and stacking her bulk and atk so she’ll bypass Armored Wall and ORKO F!Edelgard.

However even with maximum investment and at full hp, she barely survives

If you got the skills and you like Petrine, go for it but she’s not a hard F!Edelgard counter.

Otherwise, Reinhardt will use the Duel better overall.


I have a +10 Reinhardt with Ruptured Sky and DB4 and kill Edlegard pretty easily with him. I also have a +5 Petrine, and she can’t kill Edlegard by herself. That said, I vote for Rein. I’m not sure how we would do by changing DB4 to Blue Cav, though. Lower attack may be an issue.

Rein with BDC4 cannot handle a fully built FEdel even with her DR negated, so you’ll want to look into that still.

Personally I use Nemesis, who you can kit to kill her pretty comfortably, but only on EP. He needs Armorsmasher+ with the +eff refine and the DR seal. It negates her bonuses and he’ll kill her easily unless she has Grani’s. Fortunately very few people run that because it hurts her scoring potential. As mentioned, Petrine can technically do it, but just barely. Having Rein available to do most of the normal Reinhardt stuff is better imo.

Go Rein, magic is everything

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