Relatively new player looking for 4* servant advice from experienced Senpais!

Hello guys.
I have a question regarding the free 4* servant,

These are my servants:

All are NP1 except Emiya which is at NP3. I’m currently leaning towards making my Lancelot(Berserker) NP2 but I heard that I can’t use him with Skadi without Waver.

I’m currently saving for Skadi and not gonna summon before that.

So please suggest me top 3 servants that I should choose gameplay-wise.

Thank you.

You have saber lily, and are calling others more experienced? Can’t tell if you’re trolling or you bought/got that account from someone else…


Yeah, I got from someone else. You can look at the level of my servants and can see that I didn’t played much.

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Servant leveling recommendations - Herc 1st -> Musashi -> Emiya -> Merlin


Hercules is your main dps if no class advantage servants
Musashi is good as she is quite self sufficient
EMIYA - no need to say anything. His versatility will make him a core team member until you get better archer. Make sure to do his interlude and rank up quest to unlock his full power
Merlin - he will be your main support unit. Especially is your almost full pact buster team.

After that Scathach as she a premier archer killer with strong burst damage.

Just left Osakabehime to last unless you want to try some self challenging quest


then who to choose for a 4 star in no particular order -

  1. helena - though you have merlin, helena is an extra servant you can use for farming/support. level 1st and 3rd skills as high as you can.
  2. gorgon - you have no extra class and she’s an aoe avenger. and a solid dps to boot. will go well with merlin
  3. lalter - i don’t see a aoe lancer, and she’s arguably the best 4 star lancer. hits like a truck, too. but that maybe my biased opinion. i have her grailed to 100 and will probably choose her to get her to np5

Sorry but my question is regarding free 4* servant we are going to get. Still your answer gave some useful tips though.

Pick Stheno :fgo_buster:

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Nope :slight_smile:

Just taking a second to enthusiastically endorse your LAlter recommendation. She isn’t here for the memes and there are better QoL choices; but holy hell when that NP brave chain hits with full steroids and 100% crit chance, it is a thing of destructive beauty.

i grailed her cuz she’s a baber alter, but yeah. when you need a heavy np, she works wonders. i use her all the time in challenge quests. a party of her/waver/merlin is unstoppable.

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Let me see…

  • You are good on the Saber front, Strong ST and AOE options (even Lily will soon get an NP upgrade that will make her a really good farmer)
  • Your Archer lineup is solid. An NP3 Emiya can actually do some decent damage and his crits can serve as a stop-gap until you get/raise a dedicated ST archer, like Robin or Euryale.
  • Lancer-wise you are lacking AOE, so the already recommended Lalter would do you a lot of good. She Also works really well with Merlin. Alternatively, if you plan on saving for Skadi, you might want to consider Parvati.
  • Your rider roster is… nonexistent. Marie is not completely useless, but close enough. You could pick Astolfo to remedy this, as he is a good farmer due to his 50% battery, but even he is kind of weak. In fact, the 4* rider lineup is pretty underwhelming, so it’s hard to recommend any of them in good conscience.
  • For assassins, you are good. Carmilla is a little meh right now, but once she gets her NP upgrade this year, she is going to be pretty damn good, even at NP1. Osakabehime is also pretty weak right now, but you have a couple of upgrades to look forward to that will make her into a really good tank/crit-support hybrid.
  • You are loaded on casters. Merlin is absurdly good, and even though he is currently overshadowed by Skadi in JP, that doesn’t mean he is not a game breaker any more. As for Sche, she is… really bad right now, but after a few upgrades down the line, she is going to be a pretty good AOE damage dealer.
  • You are also good on Zerkers; you have both a really good ST and AOE option, with Lancelot becoming borderline broken once Skadi comes out. Zerk is also a minor game-breaker as far as story-battles and early CQs are concerned, though not as bonkers as he used to be in the early days of the game.
  • For extra-class… you honestly don’t need them. Avengers are a pretty weak class even at the best of days (all of the outstanding ones are good despite their class and due to specific supports), and for anything other than CQs, zerkers are going to do just fine against the occasional Ruler boss (not to mention, you can always just borrow a friend’s Jalter).

Overall, I would recommend Lancer Alter (Merlin synergy), Astolfo (to patch up the biggest hole in your roster) or Parvati (another AOE lancer, and since you already have Atalante and Lancelot, you might as well go three for three on the Skadi compatibles).

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For farming, Nitocris (AOE Caster with 100% gauge at 2nd skill level 8) and Astolfo (AOE Rider 50% gauge charge at 3rd skill level 10).

Parvati as long as she is 10/10/10 can farm with ONE Skadi in very specific setups. Plus you have no AOE Lancer, and you have Atalanta and Zerckalot, Parvati complete te trinity of 4* who are godly with her (the rest normally needs MLB Kaleidoscope).

Zerckalot actually needs either a Waver OR specific Mistic Codes to farm with double Skadi (the fragment of 2004 one, with NP gain skill).

I would not recomend Helena for you, as Merlin sorta does her job…

ps: Dont forget to do KNK event this year to get Shiki, a excellent Arts Assassin. Last chance to do so.

ps2: In case you havent, max level and 10/10/10 Hans and Mashu. Max level Arash and Georgius as well.

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I still don’t have Hans. :frowning: