Relobby abolished?

I was in a 4-person Darkrai raid, when we all fainted out with 1/2 the time and 1/4 boss life left. There was plenty of time to relobby and defeat him; but we were all kicked out. So…

Has relobby been abolished; or was that a bug?

Wouldn’t you need at least 1 person active in the raid at all times?

Not necessarily, keeping at least one person fighting just prevents the Raid Boss from regaining some health due to a server connectivity issue that’s been around for quite some time

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Most likely a bug.

Had you been invited to a remote raid with less than 2 mins time?

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The raid ended. The person doing the inviting didnso close to the end of the raid. That’s fine if you can win without the relobby, but if not you’re trying to relobby into a raid that is no longer there.

Yes, it was near the end of the Raid Period. I usually don’t do raids so close to the end of the timer unless I’m soloing a L1-3 that I can easily beat.

The raid had ended before you finished the fight, that’s why you couldn’t relobby.

I have a rule were I won’t join a raid with less than 8 minutes on the clock if I know there’s a chance that I may have to relobby. 8 minutes may seem excessive, but when you’re trying to organise a group of disorganised people you start to understand.

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