Remaining Mythical releases

Happy Season of Legends!

The announcement from Niantic about Season 7: Season of Legends, stated that the Therian trio would be hitting raids. This is the first new release of a legendary in…months (unless you count Genesect: fire)! That said, there are still several mythical 'mon that have not been released. Keldeo, Meloetta, Shaymin, Manaphy, Phione, and several Genesect drive forms. Will EX raids be making a comeback as the means of releasing mythicals? Are we due for more quests? I know that I for one am ready for some new 'mon!

I love shaymin and I am hoping that IF diamond and pearl remakes get announced we get dialga and palkia with shiny release and shaymin research…

I’d be happy with a release of them either way, research is perhaps more fun at the time but I hate only getting 1 of something (unless it’s useless) and so I’d likely prefer anything functional to be in a raid, even if it is an EX one.

and as @ChimpoTheWise says, we’re long overdue shiny Dialga/Palkia, I’ve not really bothered with either because I haven’t needed them so a more fun way to “need” them would be good.

For some, like Manaphy and Phione, a quest line would be fun and kinda make sense. For stuff that’s raid-relevant, like Shaymin, getting it in raids would be much preferred (esp. as Shaymin’s use is very dependent on getting the right Hidden Power). Meloetta I could see going either way but probably in raids because of its two different forms (just like with Genesect).

I feel like Dialga and Palkia haven’t been in raids nearly as often as most others have. They were last in for GOfest for what, a couple hours? Meanwhile Lati@s, Kyurem, Heatran and Groudon/Kyogre are in almost every month! :dizzy_face:

That speaks the official position of Dialga and Palkia, they are the most valuable and promising legendary mon.

Forget legendaries, forget mythicals, where the hell is Kecleon!?

Its camouflaged, duh! Niantic has been trying unsuccessfully to find it since 2016. Plus Rotom possessed their servers, that’s why GBL and stuff occasionally glitch and stop working.

I wonder if Phione will be used to tie breeding into the game? Because in the MSG you could only get it by breeding Manaphy and Ditto.

Also you’re missing Arceus from your list!

I figure Arceus is going to get a super special treatment. Probably GO Fest sometime. Plus there needs to be a new mechanic/item/something because of alllll those forms. :woozy_face:

How strong will shaymin be? I like the flower hedgehog

It’s normal forme has the same stats as mew, celebi, and jirachi. So it’ll have the same max stats. No idea about sky forme.

Do the formes work similar to Genesect’s drives? Niantic might just release Genesect and Arceus a million times with different drives/formes. If you think Kyogre and Groudon re-runs are bad…lol


Meloetta for the win boyz and girlz, Imma spend outright 300+ rare candies on her even if her IVs are triple 10

Palkia is useful? At best a niche mon. Never missed one, neither pvp nor pve
Kyogre and groudon more useful in any aspect. So that doesn’t seem to be the point at least about palkia… Or it gets a new move next time.

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Exactly Palkia, the future king of dragon type. Now it’s already useful in ML, the best counter to Kyogre and Groudon.

I think they are going to implement a new mechanic for Arceus to let it switch forms/types. It’s possible they’ll ‘retcon’ it for Genesect as well since it also has several (as opposed to most which only have two). I’m thinking Arceus will also be a quest-line around GO Fest so you’ll only get one. Just my guess, could be completely wrong though and we have Arceus raids for a year straight! :upside_down_face:

Hated that thing when it first came out. No Charm, no Dialga, loads of relobbies and revives…and all for something that was outclassed by Ray and Salamence. Now its at least usable in ML (from what I hear) but yeah…its no Dialga!

When Palkia was first released, Salamence didn’t have Outrage, so strictly inferior to Palkia. Even now it still has lower DPS^3×TDO than Palkia, not to mention Palkia’s much better typing.

Palkia can be your favorite dragon, but its water typing has only been helpful exactly once (Reshiram) and even that was pretty dang niche. I stand by my assessment that its a pretty meh dragon in a field of meh dragons.

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I basically agree, the major reason that most dragon types are meh is the lack of a single good charge move (at least as good as Grass Knot/Sky Attack). All the decent dragons simply rely on their outstanding stats, but the movesets are all meh.
By the way, Palkia isn’t my favourite dragon type, but Rayquaza is. However, Rayquaza is primarily a flying type, and unable to compete with Palkia once they receive their signature moves.