Remember well the name of Travaaaaaaaant

After going through the gruelling grind of HM farming, and the painful sacrifices of valuable fodder and resources, I finally built him (waiting for his rerun for the last merge)!

I know he won’t score the greatest, nor will he be the best, but I like his manly voice, which is what really matters.


He just had his rerun today.
Also @Cam_the_Man


Who? I can’t remember.

I mean his normal rerun. I thought today’s was a special version that grants an extra copy on top of the standard rerun that’ll happen later.

No, I doubt he will get his rerun after this. They just slapped 5 of the remaining GHB units to satisfy those that were building them. Though you can wait a month to see if he comes back, I just doubt it.

Here is mine by the way

Waiting for flowers.
I was debating Steady posture, but I already gave him 3 tier 4 A skills.


That is one beefy boy! Atk/def unity really compliments his stats.

While I don’t plan to do it right now, I’ve also thought a galeforce build sounds fun on him.

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Travant reaches 170 BST bin with Spd or Def superboon so he scores just a teeny bit lower than Altena (since she has a Prf) so he’s not as poor of a scorer as you think, especially with a high scoring build like that.

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