Remix Foddering

My will is weak, the remix banner is excellent and I wanted fodder so went to the spark. 1 Marth, 3 Marianne, 1 Azura and a 4* special Flora before sparking Marth.
Not bad at all really, Marth was the big goal and had hoped to see an Eirika or two but can’t complain as I’ve finally got some Null-F to give.

The +Res -Def Marth is kept (more balanced defences) and the sparked went to his descendant.

Marianne and a Lilith Manual I had went to Hana to give Atk/Spd Unity and Null-F.

She uses Atk/Def Unity but couldn’t pass up the A skill when, with the new C, she can now bait, survive and kill a +Atk, +10, +10DF transformed Crazygard with Atk/Def Solo seal. Admittedly only surviving by 1HP and only overkilling by 4 so, yeah, it’s close. But I like Hana and she’s got a good role she can reliable do now.

Not from the remix but I finally spent my divine codes 2 and may as well show of Tailtiu

She was the only one waiting for one of the manuals and she’s looking good with Est’s help.

Instant Wrath/Desp range after 1 recoil is nice.

Just wanted to show off my updated favourites. How’d everyone else’s remix go if you were summoning?


Not bad. :smiley:

I also have to summon on the remix banner. I have promised my little son, that he could summon on the next banner when his favorite unit will appear again.

It’s Brave Marth xD

I told my son, that Shiida / Caeda is the wife of Marth. That’s the reason why he also wants to summon for L!Shiida / Caeda xD

I hope that we will get Duo!Shiida / Caeda with marth as a Summer unit. :smiley:
(for my son - the beach version for me xD) :smiley:


Sparked Marianne. Got a B!Eirika along the way. Both died for worthy causes.


Wow. I’m a little bit jealous, when i look at your beautiful Duo!Dagr. :smiley:

Why is she not on the AHR Banner?! <.< xD


Who’s not jealous of +10 buff ladies? Awesome in many regards.


your units look so fine 10/10

I went just for a full circle and got nada

PS I never want to kill my Lilith cause her refine might be so broken with her tp ability…


I could have had a +10 Duo!Dagr too.^^"

BUT - as i wrote before i try to reduce my investment in FEH. And it works not that bad.^^

Sure i buy orb packs, but not that much as before^^

Any i also save my F2P orbs for my next +10 target :D F!L!Byleth who is on the same banner with L!Caeda :smiley:

Please IS also give me A!Idunn. :smiley:


Game: “So you want the Sacred twin using a lance from the banner right?”
Me: “Yes!”
Game: “Okey dokey!”

Also “If I had a nickel for every time I free summoned an Ephraim in the past 2 days I’d have two nickels. Which isn’t a lot but it’s weird that it happened twice.” (From yesterday)


Got 2 B. Eirikas, which both were -spd. Sparked B. Marth since red hated me on this banner. All in all got the units I haven’t gotten yet. All but Gatekeeper. Already had a B. Eirika and Marianne. Got a 4 star special F. Berkut.

1-L. Azura
1-L. Alm
2-B. Eirika
1-L. Gunnthrá
1- F. Berkut (4 star special)
1-B. Marth (sparked)

Overall good summoning. Now back to finishing main story and paralogues, cuz I’m planning on sparking on the AHR banner and maybe new heroes too.


Finally finished Brave Marianne and pulling some extra surge sparrow fodder.


The Results of my sons summoning sessions (summoned for a view days, each day a little bit) xD

We are summon on blue + red (main target for my son was B!Marth)

2x L!Ike
2x B!Marth (1x Spark)
1x Celica (4 Star SPecial)

Not that bad. :)