Remix time is +10 time!

After a couple years sitting at +5, I caved in and went all in to finish Legendary Alm following his nice refine. For whatever reasons, IS clearly let me know that it was more Ascended Joshua day than Alm day, but I still managed to pull through and get the job done in 569 orbs. The haul was pretty sick up to the spark, but then it slowed down a bit for the final two copies. Here’s what I ended up with:

As you can see, the pulls were great after 186 orbs. Then I went over 150 orbs with only a 4* Jaffar to show for, and finally I needed an extra 230ish orbs for the 10th and 11th copies to appear. The end result is still pretty nice overall and I’ll be having fun during Earth season with both L! Robin (F) and L! Alm at +10. With his new refine and skills, he can once again shred through most (far save) tanks. A!Fjorm still kills him on retaliation though, so I need to think of a build to kill that pest. I’ll have to test whether Sturdy Impact and/or a Menace skill would be enough.

Fun fact: A week ago, Ascended Joshua wasn’t even in my barracks. I free pulled him for the first time with one of my ticket on the Hero Fest (trying to go for an extra copy of Laegjarn), and he showed up 7 times today. He’s not an Ascended Hero I particularly cared for, but now I guess I’ll have to +10 him next time he shows up on a sparkable banner. I’ll probably use him as a WoM beacon for AR at first and see how he does, since I already gave him Disarm Trap, Pulse Smoke and Fury 4

A fun summoning day after a few months of saving! And if H!Azura finally make a come back on the DSH banner in a few days, I’ll finally be able to finish her at +10 too! (She’s at +8 for now)




I got crap from the remix… was hoping to get at least 1 copy of Thrasir and Alm going up to the Spark, and got the opposite unit, which I guess I can’t complain about Gunnthra since it was my very first copy of her, but Joshua I didn’t need since I got his Floret already.

Ah that sucks when you get the other focus hero instead of the one you want. I was happy to free pull Joshua last week to get his Floret too. I didn’t care much for him or his fodder here, but he kept showing up, so I merged him and will try to make good use of him now.

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18 five stat in 586orbs? Damn that’s a nice 32.5 orbs per 5 stars! (34.4 if we don’t take the spark into account)
Congrat! That’s a very nice haul and L!Alm is back to being an absolute nightmare to tank…
On a side note : impact A slot could help him bypass A!Fjorm thanks to 10more def

A!Joshua is a unit I would like to +10 but unless he appear on the same b8 banner as Athos (who would be colorless)… i don’t have any orbs for him.

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Indeed, even if we exclude the spark and 4* special, it’s still 13 focus 5* units, which is pretty awesome!

I’m also glad to see Alm coming out on top vs most common tanks. Thanks for the info about the Impact. I wasn’t sure if the +10 DEF would still be enough, since the DR ignore doesn’t work on Ice Mirror, which packs a bunch on retaliation.

I never expected to +10 Joshua because I never saw him as particularly unique or exceptional, but now that I have him at +7, he’s very strong and I’ll eventually get him to +10 out of principle. Like Alm though, his default kit (even without L&D) isn’t enough to bypass A!Fjorm (That NCD sure is annoying as hell…)

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