Remote PvP

Hey everyone…is remote PvP still down or do I have a bigger issue? I restarted my phone, logged out, and even uninstalled and reinstalled and it is still not working. Am I missing something? Thanks.

As long as the recipient is on the latest update, yes, it will fail.

So basically we are waiting on a new update. 3 days without a fix seems a bit bad for their team.

Reason number 58 to have multi-options, recently I have to scan my other phone to battle to get my daily pvp rewards.

Well i have 1 phone and used split screen, but now i have to avoid Electrike task and loosing PvP rewards.

This situation with the remote PvP issue is garbage. You expect me to believe it has taken over 4 days for them to figure it out.

They released a update a couple hours ago… still i think it isn t fixed :( ??

I agree. Still not been able to connect with anyone I usually battle with.

A new update came out by Oct 11 that fixes the issue.