[deleted as it’s apparently not helpful]

Forgive me as I don’t play the game myself, but isn’t this the same thing restated as this thread?


Pretty much. Technically discussion and roll threads are different, but there’s nothing to discuss about this. It’s free shit. No story, no game play changes.

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Well, to be precise, we make separate discussion threads for story chapters, but for download campaigns? A bit excessive

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@KamikazeAardvark @kayonov Okie. Thank ya much. I’ll just unlist this then.

They are different:

  • Roll threads are pulling gacha.
  • Discussion is gameplay.

Not that it matters if you don’t want me to make the thread.

I’m not really sure on the passive aggression shown above, but alright, fren.

I asked a question and was given two answers, both of which, at least to me, seemed to imply it unneeded. I left it unlisted because if there was something you or someone else(Would have had to come from a Leader or above to see this thread) then whomever could respond and have the discussion about the matter.

I merely was curious as to why there were two fairly similar threads. I got my answer and this is the result. If you believe otherwise by all means discussion it here and/or question the other two as to why they gave the answers they did.

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Dude, the very first reply confirmed they’re actually different and opined that there was “nothing to discuss”, and then you decided to kill the thread.

I confirmed that I saw and accepted your decision not to have a public discussion thread on gameplay vs gacha, so I don’t know how you’re getting “passive aggressive” out of that. If mods deem it “unneeded”, I’m not fighting over it.

Once again, ‘heard and understood’.

Please don’t take my simple acknowledgement and confirmation as “passive aggressive”.

You had to specifically go to the trouble to edit this in. This is pretty much the definition of being passive aggressive. The thread was nuked because there’s no discussion to be had on campaigns like this, we’ve literally never done a discussion thread for campaigns unless they actually introduce new gameplay elements like coins and even those tend to be rolled into one thread.

You also have a bad habit of trying to “Umm actually…” everyone who points these things out. Accept that sometimes you make mistakes, I do plenty of times and I’ve even had a thread nuked for not following the rules. It’s not a character flaw to acknowledge the mistake and move on, explaining your reasoning, how you drew the conclusion you got in the first place is better for your image and your temperament as thinking about it shows where you might have erred and telling people shows them your thought process and makes you seem more chill. But you still have to accept when you’re in the wrong without trying to snap back.

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I took two Leaders opinions on the matter who again, I thought said very similar things, unlisted it so that a discussion could be made instead of outright removing the thread entirely, and left it at that. If only one person had made a mention regardless of individual I would not have done a thing. I have yet to see a proper discussion/argument on the matter.

I don’t see the point of further explaining the passive aggression when Kami’s already made the point. It was more than a “Simple acknowledgement and confirmation” and seemed unneeded, IMO. If it was that big of a deal I was more than willing to listen to you and potentially restore the thread itself if your argument was sound.

Again, I don’t play the game so I do apologize if my actions seem different from other moderators. I noticed two threads seemed similar, asked, and went about the issue with the information I was given.

I will be locking this thread as it seems like whatever discussion there could have been here has been lost and all that will remain is a back and forth argument.

Final note, relax. I don’t know you, but you need to relax more.