Repel Alfonse

Bonds > means attacking next to someone > means that she ends her turn next to someone. Then you might know the rest.

Aside from that, the thing is, with a mixed brazen build (meaning a Res factor), a DC Vantage build (allowing you to overpower a mage before he/she overpowers you), or this weird-ass build that just benefits from a greater spd to enhance the defenses. Still dunno 'bout Anna.

Btw I’m above T21 and I use Alf, got my first bronze throne two weeks ago, for if you say “you only find these on high tiers”

Edit about Edit: Unless you have a way to kill everyone that could kill you, I’d rather have a better EP than a good PP.

Panic doesn’t affect bond skills. Debuffs don’t hurt her anymore than your standard unit(arguably they hurt her less since Fensalir neutralizes all of her opponents bonuses)

So she gets the -3 to all stats from aversa for standing near allies… which won’t do much? She can use spectrum bond with her Refine if she wants to at most she will still have +2 to all stats. Even then Aversa isn’t that common in stuff like Arena or AR unless you mean high tier, which you will rarely use her in.

Edit: Yes DC vantage Alfonse is possible but not worth using over triple brazen if he’s a bonus. Makes him much more reliable on PP imo

Well, it actually will do some things, aside from the -3 to all. Unless you don’t run buffs (doing that puts you at a big disadvantage) you are getting around a -9 on everything probably, thus getting in a nasty situation due to that.

@Lesk I mean maybe I’m weird but I just staple a M!Corrin with dual spurs to my Sharena so she doesn’t need bonuses

From Yato and ally support Sharena would gain spec +6, then if M!Corrin has spur atk/spd 3 in both c and seal slot she gains another +6 atk/spd. Then you factor in the bond skills(spd/def from Fensalir, I gave her Atk/spd bond in a slot and atk/def bond in seal slot), which give her an extra +10 atk/spd/def.
My first post ever was about this build plan and I think I calculated her as hitting 60 Spd and 72 atk(or somewhere around those marks). With that do you really need any bonuses lol

That seems like an epic build ya got there, and even if I said “but muh visible buffs” there wouldn’t be anything for me to convince you there, so… that’s epic

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@Lesk yeah I got Sharena’s skills on her, except for Wrath 3 and Blue Flame(need Owain). And at some point I want her to atk/spd bond 4, but that’s only on one unit.
I gave M!Corrin the spur atk/spd 3(from sothe), now to slowly work on his seal. Takes a while to actually bring these plans to fruition but I’m working at it. And yeah, Sharena will be an absolute MONSTER(I even have the merges to get Corrin to like +5 I think)

Well, hearing at how it sounds, I’m starting to think of doing a Sharena build too (probably just being real mad and using 3 MCorns) and see how it ends. Last time I checked I gave her Atk/Res Bond 4 and her refine, yet I dont remember which Bond seal got the upgrade :/

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@Lesk ok went looking back and found the old build plan. My bad, the build will use a visible buff from threat atk/spd 3

Atk/res bond has a tier 4 and atk/spd bond got a tier 4 a few months back on Valentian Catria

Threathen Atk/Spd kinda dazzles me, but yeah, seems solid


So 50 base atk. 34 base spd.

50(base) + 2(AS) + 4(Yato) + 6(spurs) + 12(bonds) = 50 + 24 = 74 Atk during combat(72 if using bond 3).

34(base) + 2(AS) + 4(Yato) +6(spurs) +12(bonds) = 34 + 24 = 58 Spd during combat(56 if using bond 3).

Then you can factor in threat atk/spd(or use a different c skill if hoping to avoid panic)

@Lesk normally I’d hate the idea of foddering a unit like B!Alm, but I’ve always found it a lot easier to fodder a 5* unit if that’s your plan for them going in

Well, the reason for me to be kinda weirded out is about how the skill works more than who had it: needing a foe to survive and be close to you in order to get buffs would be weird to me, still, given the amount of pressure Sharena would do already, I guess you can’t say no to that

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@Lesk It was less about needing the last foe to survive and more about the next foes coming in. But you could swap it out for spd smoke or def smoke if you wanted to(and honestly I might do that)