Replacements for a MLB Golden Sumo?

Are there any CE’s that can work as good replacements for a MLB Golden Sumo?

I only got a single copy of it during the Onigashima rerun (and I hadn’t started playing when the original event ran). I do have the three card type/50% NP CE’s (Aerial Drive, Painting Summer and One Summer) MLB’d. Am I better off using one of those, or sticking with the normal Golden Sumo?

Aerial drive works wonders at max. Mine is not but I actually asked this before and was advised to use Aerial Drive.

Dunno if you have CE’s like Another Ending, Victor of the Moon but if you have those MLB & maxed they can be quite impressive in terms of damage especially since they cap at 2400 attack.

Painting Summer is not going to replace Sumo CE but it is good for Arts loopers.

Royal Icing is also very good but lacks the NP charge.

One Summer is a full HP based CE while the effects are good, the lack of attack stat is not. // I often see this Ce paired with Jack, Okita when Masters lack MLB Imaginary Around. Knights of Marine is another good Ce if you have it.

I’m not sure if the non mlb copy is comparable to other CE’s listed. Probably not if they are MLB. But hopefully someone can clarify as I don’t have a single copy of Sumo Ce sadly.

In most cases Aerial drive is going to hold up. I don’t know if you have Holy Nights supper MLB but that CE is still great too.

Golden Sumo has no direct substitutes, however in the context of farming Aerial Drive and Tenkihime generally works even better than Sumo.

Don’t bother with Painting Summer/One Summer, they are mixed stat/pure HP stat CEs.


I’d rather use AD than a non-mlb Sumo.
The difference in attack stat and starting gauge would make it less efficient.

Like @L11 mentioned you can use AD on every offensive servant as it has that nice 10% np damage buff.
The attack stat will also make the face cards hits harder.

Heh, I used Beautiful Dreamer that has buster and np gain buff for a long time on JP and I mainly use Arts teams.

Edit: That CE is an event CE with 50% gauge and pure attack stat.


Painting Summer is still our best Arts looping CE that pushes damage if only because Arts and NP gain together is a dangerous combination. I’m surprised they didn’t make it pure HP tbh

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Is Golden Sumo ever the best option anyway?

I don’t think I’ve used mine in a year. Probably not even an exaggeration as getting AD pretty much killed it. HNS and KoM see more use as well.

Azure Magical Girl though, unless you mean strictly free CEs.

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Yeah that one and Little Halloween Devil are better but correct, for free CEs

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Depends on how you stack your buffs/what kind of damage you care about.

In the absence of a lot of external buffs, (with solo being the most extreme case since there’s no external buffs generally to speak of), you’d go with Sumo because the atk buff covers every card/every scenario and consequently outdamage HND/AD.

If you buff stack a lot (with farming being the most practical example), atk gets diluted fairly easily so HND/AD can win out generally. Regular players who only focus on farming with NP naturally gets more mileage out of HND/AD than Sumo.

But sometimes even if you buff stack a lot Sumo can win, easiest example is probably event servants with native 50%-100% powermod that’s when Sumo can take back the lead again.


I tend to save sumo for my Berserkers/rulers/avengers and AD/HNS for the rest.

Painting summer or my lvl 100 cute orangette for my arts loopers depending on how quick I expect the fight to last.

HNS is a pretty nice welfare replacement for GS though not a true replacement.

I use Sumo on my bronze servants because their facecards are weak and it helps their NP.

I use HNS most of the time except servants with red NP to which i use AD.

In the absence of sumo/HNS, AD performs better than the split stat ce for Quick and Arts eg. One summer, Dive to blue etc.

ugh. the event with halloween princess… don’t remind me of that event. i got 0 ce drops and only did the rerun.

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Same. Mine will forever not be MLB

Thankfully HNS is better anyway


Glad it’s not pure hp… But because it’s not pure hp I’m not all that motivated to max it out…but maybe that’s just my eternal hope of actually rolling a mlb scope to max by the time I have the bombs to max another ce…

true, but the pain… it’s still there lol


Started during that event and only managed to get 4/5 HNS… And it’s never coming back.

Life is pain.