Replacing Edelgard's B-Skill

Alright, so I’m considering swapping out my Edelgard’s B-skill to something that could be more useful.
Currently, her build is this.

I gave her Desperation considering her independence as a unit, having damage she takes make her more dangerous.
Problem is, she doesn’t really use it much. More often than not, basically short of anything except Dragons, she either one-shots the target or doesn’t take much damage amd kills them on the second. So J was considering swapping the skill to skmething she’d get some more usage out of. I’m just not sure which one.
I’m currently thinking:

  1. Null Follow
    Pros: Guarantees her axe will make a follow up when she meets the conditions, can also be utilized in a defensive build.
    Cons: really just counters Wary Fighter and Impact skills, since I never see Axebreaker.
  2. Lull ATK/DEF
    Pros: Similar to her native Dull Close, it negates bonuses to ATK and DEF amd debuffs both in combat, allowing her to deal more damage amd take less in the process.
    Cons: I don’t have Dimitri, but he’ll be a priority pull next time he’s featured.
  3. Renewal
    Pros: Given the requirements of her axe, supporting Edelgard with heals is difficult if I want to fully utilize her and her axe. Renewal gives her some much-needed self-sustain.
    Cons: While it gives her some needed self-healing, perhaps it may not be as effective as something more offensive.

Anybody think any of these skills would be more preferable over Desperation? Should I stick with Desperation? Any other suggestions that might work better?

I’d rock with renewal to increase her survivability since she’s a solo unit and your build has no self-sustain

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I gave mine special spiral with aether for sustain,I just let her solo most maps,but mine is higher merged with ss,so I don’t know how beneficial it would be for you,with that said I would probably just keep desperation here or have a healer/eir on standby.

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I use Special Spiral + Blazing Wind alongside my WoM dancers. At low merges, his basekit is good enough, but at high merges, a +ATK Edelgard can power through even Wary Fighter opponents with Fury 4.


I don’t have Special Spiral, either. :man_shrugging:t3:

Her axe make null follow-up kinda useless so probably the lull or special spiral