Replacing Fae

I know it’s just been a few minutes since the Brave banner dropped, but I’m wondering something. It’s about me wanting to use Brave Micaiah on my Aether Raids team. I’m thinking about dropping Fae and replacing her with Brave Micaiah, since even though Micaiah can’t counter attack from close range, I don’t have a good counter against her on my team right now. The best option is Idunn and then again, she’s armored so she’ll most likely die to Brave Micaiah, regardless of the weapon triangle.

Here’s what Fae has:

The Brave Micaiah is Neutral. Brave Micaiah will have her base kit on her and either Warding Stance, Attack/Res, Atk/Spd Bond, Iote’s Shield, or Atk Ploy as a Seal. So… Should I replace Fae with Micaiah, or keep the chicken around? The only problem is that I’ll have to most likely replace the Close Def seal on Idunn to the Armored Boots seal, since Fae was armored and I keep her around, so that Idunn benefits from Armor March

  • Keep Fae
  • Replace Fae

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I’ve watched my Sheena tank a hit from dancer Micaiah so I don’t think Idunn would get ohko from B.Micaiah