[REQUEST] Addition of “Recommended” Command Codes to Servant Pages

First post here, not entirely sure how the system works yet, so apologies to the admins if I screw this up.

Anyway, I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a recommendation page regarding which Command Codes (CC) work best for each servant (similarly to how there are Craft Essence (CE) recommendations on the CE and Servant pages). If not, it might be a cool idea to maybe put some CC recommendations on the servant pages (maybe under the CE recommendations). Not sure what the process is or if this would be a project for the admins but I think it’d be great to have. Also, in the meantime, does anyone know of any threads that talk about such recommendations? Im always shuffling them around and it just seems wasteful sometimes.


There’s a CC thread here:

Otherwise as much as I’d love reccomendations they don’t even tend to update the CEs, are they all seem to be old ones.


It might be a nice piece for the site from a “completion” standpoint, but I can understand why they wouldn’t.

A single article that helps players understand what might make a good CC selection from among those that actually make at least a modest difference could help. Teach them to fish, as it were, rather than feeding them Servant-by-Servant recommendations.

There’s already a basic article on CCs, so this kind of thing could be incorporated if they liked.


Honestly what I would find more useful is a list of upcoming codes, with a few filters on effect types, so I know what to save spaces for on my favorites. Half of the reason I haven’t used a lot of my codes is because I don’t know what else is coming, and code free swapping is still a ways off.


Yeah a lot of servants are going to to have a lot of the same thing reccomended, so an overall guide might be more applicable, there will otherwise be a lot of redundancy


I feel as if ccs are one of the least important aspects of gameplay, hence why they haven’t done so yet

Assuming you’re a NA player, they have the complete list of the ones that are out in Japan (around two years ahead) here:

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I didn’t know that was there. A filter on effects would still be nice, but release order can still be helpful. Looks like saberlot has an arts crit code coming up :fgo_happytomoe: