Request for a specific NA in-game captured image

Got an idea a couple days too late to get it myself so… And I can’t seem to find one on teh interwebs so far.

Does anyone happen to have such a CQ button image at hand, but in English ?
(or even better, the base game asset itself without anything event-specific, that would be fantastic but I’m not getting my hopes up on that one ^^)


Doesn’t really matter which CQ it is.
Thanks for the time.

I’ve got a raid button, similar, but not quite the same

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the User Interface stuff here has potential, though I have yet to find quest stuff myself. Just a heads up though, there are definitly spoiler images floating around these folders.

wasn’t able to find anything in there :fgo_sadtomoe:, so i hunted down a youtube vid that does an event playthrough

maybe this can help??


Oh, potential indeed. Though I’m starting to think I might want to look into extracting the NA files. I’ll look into for the general side of things.

Yeah, that’s exactly what I wanted, perfect! All the youtube videos I had checked started right off the party screen, so I gave up after a while. Kudos for the tenacity!
And thanks a lot. (Sorry, hurried to save it at first XD)