[Request] I need Poster Girl on Merlin (preferably) or Waver


Still need to clear golden mats for GudaGuda… Since the Avici node is mixed class, I figured I’d use an extra class servant with Merlin or Waver as support. Does anyone have it on one of those two? Thanks in advance.


Try checking or posting HERE. The list is long so it might take a while if you try to go through them yourself, and I’m not sure how many still have free slots, but it’s worth a try.

Hope you find someone.


448,799,822, feel free to send a req


Request sent, thanks
IGN is Mark


Thanks, I’ll do that




If you still need it, i have it on both waver and merlin, but not mlb.


I sent you a request, IGN: Huttork. I’d appreciate if you could add me until the event is over, thanks.


Just did. Good luck with the farming