Requiem CQ Help!

After finally finishing that boards, I got access to the CQ. And well… Elice destroyed me without mercy.
I barely managed to break her first bar only to see that her second bar is even bigger. That’s why I’m here to seek help.

My current roster

I also have 1 MLB copy if the event damage CE and 1 non MLB.
I first tried with Rama (NP1, Skills 8/8/6) and Circe (NP2, Skills 7/7/2) as my main DPS with Rama having the MLB copy. His NP couldn’t even break the first bar while fully buffed.
I’m not even sure what Elice’ permanent skill exactly does.

Anyone an idea how I could still beat this?
Thanks in advance.

I cannot help you with the CQ since I don’t play JP, but I can tell you what her permanent skill does.

She gains damage resistance to all kinds of attacks, be it NPs or face cards, depending on the number of Evil Spirits on the field with her.

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I cleared it with Saber Astolfo and double Skadi, and in my case the damage resistance was not a huge hindrance.
Lakshmi Bai can handle Elice provided you have a maxed damage CE from the event, and if you struggle to deal enough damage then bring along an AoE caster to keep her Spirits under control. A borrowed Skadi would also supplement Lakshmi’s damage.
Elice’s evades may give you trouble, but I didn’t find her using it often. If you’re afraid of it though, bring sure hit/ignore invincible/buff removal of some sort.

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Alright, turns out I have someone with an NP5 Musashi in my friendlist.
Helena took care of the ghosts most of the time.
And I had to use all 3 Command Spells. But it was during battle and they were brought to actually good use. So I really don’t mind that. Actually I wish I’d recorded it. Was a real fun battle.

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