Reroll for N?

So I need some advice, I haven’t been playing this game extensively so I’m not really smart enough to make the decision on my own. Zekrom being my favorite legendary and N being my favorite “villain” I reaaaaally want him, just this morning I spent 18k gems and didn’t get him but I’m not complaining since I don’t think that’s a lot to spend and be mad at not getting one particular character. I’m going to try and attach a picture of all my 5 stars, so what do you guys think? Reroll and get him and start from the beginning?

Thanks so much to anyone who replies, it’s heavily appreciated :)

I’d say no

He’s gonna be around for a while you’ll have more opportunities to get him

I did an 11 Scout and got my 3rd Frickin’ Hilda and Emboar and haven’t gotten any N

On Gloria I got only 2 copies and she’s amazing

Don’t Re-Roll it’s not worth it

Take it from me

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From a gameplay perspective, he isn’t going to be a super strong generalist you can use on everything regardless of type advantage like say Red whose very self sufficient or Gloria who can hit super hard thanks to an easy damage boost condition, but definitely serviceable and the best electric attacker we have atm. All he really needs is one support that can feed him crit buffs. His sync grid isn’t that necessary unless you really want to improve using Outrage on him or get Bolt Strike: move gauge refresh 2, so one copy should suffice.

If those are all your 5 stars, only units that you may miss are Sabrina and the Limited Time characters. Of course you always have the option to try rolling the Sygna suit Kanto trio banner for some fantastic sync pairs after you get N. You’ll probably just recover the non-limited 5 stars eventually as you play and get spooked.

If you do like Zekrom & N that much i’d say go for it, you don’t appear to be that invested in the game so it sure beats spending money. Definitely try and wait it out until the banner is almost over if you can.

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There should still be a good amount of free gems after New Year. It’s too early to say.

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Thanks a bunch for the advice! I’ll link this account so I’ll always have it and then reroll for N but I’ll wait till the last few days of the banner to do it just in case I get blessed by rng somehow. Thanks again!

Id say roll for N, like some1 else alrdy stated u only really need 1/5. BUT!! You pretty much need a luxury for electric terrain, then blastoise or alakazam as support and you will melt. And its a 10% chance so why not go for him? You definitely need some sort of electric striker.

10% FOR A 5 STAR, not N.