Rerolling IVs: Sharena

So I was thinking about how I’m going to change up my Askr Trio’s IVs for when I have to end up using them in arena.
Alfonse will almost certainly be -SPD, but either +ATK or +DEF.
Anna will almost certainly remain neutral.

But Sharena, I’ve hit a bit of an obstacle. See, I have two major options.

Option 1: Leave her neutral

I’ve already almost finished this build for her, minus the Blue Flame skill (need the Owain manual from TP), and she works well. A balanced 44 DEF/RES wil Smoke applied and no Ruse, with 45 SPD and 58 ATK. It works, that’s nit the problem.

Option 2: Balance her defenses

By giving her +RES/-DEF, I can balance her out at 28 DEF/RES. Not great on their own, I know, but with Bond Fensalir and SPD/RES Bond, her defenses still balance out at a better 33 while giving her the same SPD stat as her Default statline, but leaving her A slot open to something more condusive, ATK/SPD Solo 4. This triple SPD Bond bumps her SPD up to 52, allowing her to run a mitigation skill fairly decently on top of her defenses while also neutralizing enemy attempts to reduce her SPD, making her much harder to Smoke or Panic to get around her mitigation. This build makes up for the dip in her defenses in pure SPD and mitigation and a 30-point Blue Flame bomb.
I have the Catria to do this, and she’s a bad roll; but the same system that makes this build possible to me is also the system that makes this Catria not an unfavorable roll. I would absolutely pull the trigger on this build, but I don’t know how viable Valentian Catria is these days.

How should I go about this?

  • Catria is really good, and your Sharena builds works as it is. Reroll Catria and keep them both.
  • Catria isn’t really all that great anymore. Reroll Sharena and feed Catria to her.

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Anna will almost certainly remain neutral.

Not with that miserable attack stat she won’t.

The Balanced build also opens her up to more flexible build options, as well. I could easily gove her an offense-based kit with it instead of just leaving her to counterattacking.

Also what’s the Catria you would be foddering?

She certainly will.

That’s the build I plan to use on Anna. The only stat I’d be able to give up for more ATK is her HP, and I don’t want to.
Now if they ever add a way to merge the trio, sure. But without merges, I have no bane that I’m willing to take.

Valentian Catria, the only unit with the Bond Sharena would need.

Oh. I assumed you meant OG Catria. That you had done some SI on her.

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Nah, nah. Valentia Catria. Unmerged, unlevelled. I was waiting for a +RES roll, which I can now just swotch her to.
If I keep her, I’d be using her like this in the end, if it offers insight.

I did also say in the topic that it was Valentian Catria.

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Why +res though? Won’t she not really be taking many hits with dive bomb?

Same reason +RES/-DEF Sharena is an option. Because I balance my defenses.