Rerolling marathon


so, i was rerolling a new account for fun.
I dont want herc becouse i have him in the main account, and my plan was to use some new servant and unortodox team (for exemple, i plan on using gills saber )

So, i wanted Carmilla as a starter, but since i am picky, i keep on rerolling for 2 days.
i saved 3 account
1- herc, atalanta (my waifu) and immaginary element
2- carmilla and martha
3-carmilla and eli

since this account is just for fun, since i spend all my ap in the main account in no time, should i keep one of those 3 or keep on rerolling? and in case, witch one?


Stop, maybe ?
People do a reroll because the want to start playing this game with their desired servant.
So If you already OK with carmilla then just stop.