Rerun events in Arknights

I started the game just recently,and just knew that 3 welfares have gone by ,Will there be any reruns for these welfares events ?

There haven’t been any rerun yet.

yeah i know but will there be? i know that the CN server havent got any rerun yet but i saw somewhere that they annouced on the CN server there will be reruns.Im not sure so that’s why i want to ask to confirm

There should be, almost every gachas rerun their events, so just give it some times.

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Iirc, it was said on the anni stream that there will be a rerun for the first summer event - the one that gave us Ceylon (it stuck in my memory because people were wondering why not start with Grani event if they’re doing reruns anyway).

And technically, it’s four welfares - Grani, Flamebringer, Ceylon, and Bison. Or did you manage to grab Bison?

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So they will rerun all the events anyways right? Thanks

I’d like Grani too. I’m sure there will be a way to get them eventually, even if the events don’t come back.

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Who knows :woman_shrugging: They didn’t even executed the first planned rerun yet, so at this point we still can only speculate.

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