Research breakthrought

Soon they will remember the 1st anniversary of the departure of the legendary poķemons from research breakthrought. Briefly summarizing and evaluating this year:

1.Lapras 6/10 good for the league and for beginners in can shiny rallies

2.Woobat only for pokedex one big JOKE 2/10

3.Ferroseed good on GL 5/ 10

4.Exeggutor alola
good on raids can shiny

5.Shinx evolution good on raid can shiny 4,5 / 10

6.Trapinch big JOKE can shiny 1,5 / 10

7.Larvitar evolution good on PvP and PvE can shiny 6/10

8.Scraggy bad, good on PvP 5/10

9.Alola Raichu good on PvP can shiny 2,5/10

10.Shedinja only poxedex (stamina 1 :rofl:)
11.Togethic evolution good on PvP and PvE
12. Lapras and Galar Darumaka
Lapras discussed earlier but without legacy attack 4.5 / 10

Galar Darumaka :money_mouth_face:
8 / 10 evolution best ice type DPS

What do you thing about this?
Can legendary be recrived from RB in your opinion?

1.Lapras 3/10 was available too many times, not really good for anything

2.Woobat only for pokedex one big JOKE 2/10

3.Ferroseed good on GL and UL, rare 7/ 10

4.Exeggutor alola
Bad and bad and appeared often in raids before

5.Shinx bad and often in raids before 3/ 10

6.Trapinch interesting for pvp 6 / 10

7.Larvitar evolution good on PvP and PvE 8/10

8.Scraggy good on PvP 5/10

9.Alola Raichu for the 101st time 2/10

10.Shedinja rare 6/10
11.Togethic evolution good on PvP and PvE
12. Lapras and Galar Darumaka
Lapras again??? 0/ 10, cause darumaka rare and good in pve 5/10

Three good ones. Larvitar, Ferroseed and togetic

I think with the introduction of remote raiding, legendaries as breakthroughs are no longer necessary. I got my first legendaries that way, before my town got its raid group together about 2 years ago but now that anyone with access to any one of the many social medias, or even just adding 200 friends, sitting online and crossing their fingers, legendaries are more easily available than ever.

This year has been ok for breakthroughs but to use your list - working on the assumption that people caught at least 4 per month, using a pinap and the ultimate end point is their evolution (if applicable):

  1. Personally so bored of lapras, but it’s popular - people farmed Sierra relentlessly. 5/10

  2. Woobat, ok it’s a dex entry but plenty of people play mainly for the dex entry and not every month can be great - not a joke but agree 2/10

  3. Ferroseed - Ferrothorn incredibly popular GL pick, 7/10

  4. Alolan Egg - has been around for ages in T2 (as was) raids - 1/10

  5. Shinx - Luxray is ok electric attacker, shiny is great, but been forever in T1 raids 1/10

  6. Trapinch -it already had a CD, total waste of a month 0/10

  7. Tyranitar is great, lots of people I know don’t have any/many so good IV larvitar good for them, shadow larvitar is out and 24+ candy combined = 10/10

  8. Scrafty is a popular PvP pick, rare pokemon too, 7/10

  9. Alolan Raichu - another that’s been in raids forever, raid caught one is still plenty inside the GL cap so the RB one is just more work/dust. Boring. 1/10

  10. Shedinja - repeat but ok for newer players - 3/10

  11. Togetic - useful to most of the playerbase if only for candy 10/10

  12. Lapras (see above) G.Darumaka - too fragile for my taste but popular pick 7/10

I think as well consideration needs to be given to the other free events - like the throwback that rewarded Elite moved Legendaries and that since Rockets came in we’ve access to many other shadows including shadow legendaries since late 2019, so unlike previous years when each month was mainly T5, RB, maybe topical event, this last year or so has been far more varied and despite the (in most cases justified, or at least understandable) criticism from some quarters, it’s been as much hit as miss I’d say.


Why everyone mention Galarian Darumaka, to my understanding they said it will be regular fire Darumaka the one we will be able to get from the research.

Was taking it from here - plus the icy version fits winter better. I’ve not personally had the announcement yet for some reason.

Edit: having just googled the original annoucement it does say Unovan.

Q: Why fire type in ice themed month?
A: Niantic logic

Pokemon go official page said “Unovan” Darumaka( … although knowing Niantic maybe they mess up.

Just edited my earlier answer - it’s niantic, who knows?

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Well thinking it a little deeper, they said that seasons in game will be accord to the real season in the respective part of the world…to promote that, they add lapras for the winter regions and darumaka for the summer ones.

It it just the old plain propaganda for Niantic’s new feature.

Excellent point. I’m not overjoyed about either but if I had to pick I’d prefer Darumaka. Lapras for me if that’s accurate.

Personally, i have differnt look on those brakthrougts. I dont raid low tiers, so some choices were welcome by me.

1 . Lapras 1/10 had its Raid day, some boosted spawns. Also hard to catch and had shiny before. Hated this.

  1. Woobat 0/10 No words to defend this choice. Hatched from eggs, spawned in wild( not often, and mostly in nights, but still) Absolutely garbage with no any use.

  2. Ferroseed 6/10. veeery rare spawn, have use in two leagues. Okay one.

  3. alola eggtree - 5/10. Also outside evernt extrremely rare spawn, needed that shiny and can be used as bulky Grass vs water movesets.

  4. Shinx 5/10 Cute, shiny chance( needed that!) and ussable. Only 5,because too many hatching from 10 k eggs.

  5. Trapinch 1/10 Had CD, everyone was in rage when hatched from 10 k eggs in the past. Not 0, because have usage.

  6. Larvitar 5/10 good overall mon, but had CD and is forever in quests, also in eggs.

  7. Scraggy 4/10 Obtainable only in GBL until Strange eggs and one Incense event, good in GL. But for someone, who PvP fairly often, wasnt that hard to earn from GBL, thaths why just 4.

  8. Alola Raichu 7/10 Locked in low lvl raids i never do, shiny chance( had luck) and useable in 2 Leagues. Hope to get shiny Marowak same way in future :smiley:

  9. Shedinja 1/10 Absolutely garbage, dex entry, and its second time…

  10. Togetic 7/10 Valuable mon, 10 candy. Solid

  11. Lapras- look 1st one. Darumaka- 7/10 Very rare mon. If it will be Galar one, even 8/10, as its unobtainable now.

Why you all rate Larvitar that high? In my view it can’t be higher than 5 while Shinx is at least 6. First Larvitar is too common in the wild, but Shinx is only obtainable from raids and eggs otherwise. Next, Tyranitar is good at nothing now, its movesets just suck. For raids there’re too many better rock/dark attackers, even not counting legendaries/mythicals. For PvP its typing is simply a joke. As for Luxray, it’s undoubtedly the 3rd non-legendary electric attacker. I did caught my first shiny Shinx (male!) from the breakthrough task.

I think you overestimate the rates of larvitar spawns in a lot of places. I play a lot and have caught very few in 3.5 years.
Ttar is stil high on the list for many counters with a good balance of DPS and TDO. Also,many more casual players don’t have any/many and now shadow Ttar is available it’s still good for candy for those.

I would ask how you could rank Shinx a 6 when it has been a curse on eggs and in raids constantly, all while being basically useless.

Ttar on the other hand is a solid raid mon either rock or dark and has a niche in pvp. Has a mega too.

Togetic and Ferro I’d rate highly from this year. 7
Lapras was appreciated first time around for candy, rude for it to rock up again though. 6, now 3
Scraggy good for people who don’t pvp, still a fine candy farm. 5
If you hate surfin Raichu I’m afraid there’s no hope for you. 11
Shedinja I needed the dex entry. 3
Shinx has a fun shiny. 3
Woobat is straight bin content and Trap had just had a CD. 0

Tyranitar is ace. Just because you think otherwise, it is not true ;)


Luxray is absolutely not useless, as I said the 3rd non-legendary electric attacker. This is the same as Tyranitar on the rock side, but electric type has much narrower gaps than rock type (there isn’t an electric Rampardos). Shinx has been always in raids, but how long did Tyranitar stay in raids? Must be even longer, not to mention the previous CD.

The only advantage of Tyranitar is its bulk, but that isn’t very crucial in raids. It just serves well as an anchor of a team. For me I don’t see the point of using it when I already have 1-2 Rampardos/RW Rhyperior/Terrakion for rock, and Darkrai/Weavile/Honchkrow/Houndoom for dark respectively. If I create a new account, I won’t raise Tyranitar for sure. If it receives Rock Slide or Snarl at some time, I’ll change my mind.

I get the rock side a bit more and I’ve personally got lots of Rampardos and RW Rhyperior (as an aside, I’ve caught significantly more wild cranidos that larvitar despite the former being much more recently released) but dark side, aside from Darkrai which is mythical and thus expensive with no chance of luckies, only weavile does consistently higher DPS and the number of deaths is much higher.

I think you’re wrong, but hey, it’s my opinion. I don’t play your account and you don’t play mine so as long as you’re happy with your team that’s all that matters. If we all agreed all the time, this would be a very dull website.

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All Tyranitar needs to shine is better moves. Snarl, Foul Play, Rock Slide and/or (for PvP) Earthquake. I understand it has a Mega forme, which would be an absolute tyrant (pun intended) on the meta.


Mega Tyranitar is good, but its selling point is on the incredibly long surviving time to give the mega boost. Its DPS is far below Mega Aerodactyl/Houndoom/Absol.

Not so much to discuss here, cause as @Oaf pointed out that in the end it is an opinion, but: for dark Tyranitar is only significantly outperformed by 4 pokemons - darkrai, honchkrow, weavile, hydreigon. Of these, hydreigon is really difficult to get (I don’t even have one on 35), so three are left. Darkrai is mythical, so also hard to get. The other two are so frail that you depend on either dodging or rejoining the gym, both not an option always. So Tyranitar is still super useful for dark - none of the arguments are in pro for luxray here! Both magnezone and electivire are/were easy to get and outperform luxray in everything. Let alone the legendary.

For rock Tyranitar is even better: surpassed in dps only by rhyperior and rampardos ( terrakion is the same). And seriously, rampardos I rarely use. If it gets neutral damage it is gone when the first charged move hits, even dodged it left the stage way too soon. But here you have the argument of rhyperior, this is a hard one, if it has rock wrecker and you have three or four of them, you don’t need ttar, agreed. Thing is that rock wrecker was available for only some hours! And guess, some people were not able to play (me included). So I really depend on Tyranitar. One bar move, yes, it’s a thing, but this is usually not that bad disadvantage as you might think of, because of the ttar bulk.

And with all of that I didn’t even mention shadow Tyranitar, which outperforms most of the others even in dps - and still last longer than the frailer ones!! Let alone mega Tyranitar, whose dps could be theoretically better at least than absol and aerodactyl

And all that with a pokemon useful for TWO roles! Instead of only one for luxray…

The only thing on which I would completely agree is that luxray has the waaaayyyyyy cooler looks. When this is what we’re talking about, luxray wins by miles (luxray 9, Tyranitar 1)