Resetting Giovannis Quest

Hey there!

This is something I’ve been wondering about for a while now, and although i tried reading up on it before Im still not really sure whats going on.

I picked up PoGo around February this year again, and since then I’ve faced Giovanni 3 times in total. 2 of these were due to new events. Ive been battling those 3 bosses the entire time whenever i beat 6 grunts, but never got to see Giovanni again. Some threads say that resetting the quest is somehow related to the monthly researches, but how exactly do i get that to work?

Main reason im asking is that i am tired of running into Sierra and Arlo again and again…today that bonus box had 3 radars as well, but im assuming its for the people that dont have shadow mewto yet. So it would be pretty convenient to just use those for another Giovanni run.

Can anyone help me out here?

You can unequip radars by going into your bag, selecting the radar and ‘unequi’.
The radars are purely to face the Admins (Arlo, Cliff, Sierra). Giovanni is encountered when you have the ‘Super Radar’ equipped. Again, this can be unequipped.
I am wondering if the 3 radars today may signify an upcoming Team Rocket event?

As someone who hasn’t ventured out to find rocket stops to complete “An Inter-egg-sting Development”, the 3 radars I just received are going to help me get a Shadow Mewtwo by this evening on balloons alone. So it could be for that, but hopefully they’re having one final rocket event where we can TM frustration away one last time before December when they’ll… make us wait until next year to get CD moves

Gotta admit i didnt know about the uneqipping part so far, thanks! It’s not like i mind fighting them tho - its some more stardust and shadow mon for free, but i dislike beating them again and again without getting a chance to craft a super-radar for it. So i thought there would be a way to get the Giovanni quest up and running again.

I was wondering about that tripple-radar box as well, but my first thought was that Niantic just wants to make sure everyone will get themselves the Shadow Mewto. But since the weird eggs came up recently, might of course be the next phase for that too.

Exactly what i was thinking, its kind of annoying anyway to hunt down 18 grunts before you finally reach Giovanni.

No kidding, and that’s after defeating at least 18 grunts for the prior challenge of beating 3 team leaders, and I’m pretty sure you had to defeat some other grunts before that lol. I guess its somewhat fair, Shadow Mewtwo shouldn’t exactly be a walk in the park to acquire

It was not 18 grunts this time round, it was in stage 3 defeat a team Rocket Leader 3 times and in stage 4 defeat Arlo, Cliff and Sierra. (In stage 1 and 2 you need to do 6 grunts but those could be for your first Leader). So if you don’t have any radars in your bag (and you don’t buy them) you need to do 36 grunts this time round.

The free radar box was compensation for Niantic turning off shadow shinies for admins.

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