Reshiram: duoable or not?

Gamepress’s Reshiram duo guide indicates that several dragon types are viable for a duo at L35, and several more pokemon are viable at L40. However, Pokebattler simulations show no pokemon (excluding a couple shadow pokemon) with a time to win under 600s in neutral weather at L40. The Pokebattler ratings show Rampardos with the best time to win at 625s, followed by several dragon types with longer TTW.

So, who’s right? Will Reshiram be duoable or not, and why is there a discrepancy?

Not looking promising for a realistic duo, it is often windy here but with that, plus the easiest moveset I can’t see a possibilty for me. Kyurem in cloudy weather looks very achieveable though.

Looks hard, but achievable with the right movesets and top counters. I will definitely use my 3rd account though as a duo doesn’t look very reliable without weather boost

There is no discrepancy. Pokebattler says the duo is possible and outlines counters and specific movesets for the duos.

Wrong, there is a huge discrepancy. Pokebattler says non-shadow Salamence and Rayquaza “have a shot” at L40. Otherwise, the non-shadow counters they list (excepting Palkia against overheat) require weather boost and assume L40.

The Gamepress guide lists four non-shadow counters supposedly viable at L35, and another four at L40. They have additional sections for weather-boosted counters, implying that those previously mentioned counters are viable in neutral weather.

Given that the Pokebattler analysis is backed up by simulations, I have to assume that they are right and Gamepress is wrong, but I’d love to hear a counter-argument from someone at Gamepress.

The first time I read over the GamePress article I thought everything had to be weather boosted but I looked it over closer and it does say high level counters or weather boost. So I plugged in some of the Pokemon on the TDO/DPS spreadsheet to see which ones didn’t need the weather boost but unles I’m doing something really wrong, even with weather boost the spreadsheet isn’t showing any Pokemon with the DPS needed to duo.

Boss CP is 53,394 and TTW is 600 seconds which means you need to deal 88.99 DPS to solo so a duo would be 44.495 DPS and in Windy weather Shadow Salamence will do 37.513 DPS

Also Pokebattler has L35 Rayquaza in Windy weather under 600s with no friendship boost.

It means that it has 15000 HP and in (base ATK and DEF terms), it has 275 ATK and 211 DEF. So, It will be equally as hard as Dialga on paper, aside that you clearly have stronger options against it since its attacks DO end up getting Resisted unlike Dialga’s who can clearly OHKO anything with just a few hits. (I think Stone Edge and Draco Meteor is impossible to Duo, but the rest are fine because nearly all of its counters resist Overheat and Crunch doesn’t hit that hard in the long run.)

Did a Crunch in Partly Cloudy, as expected it is easy with 3.

Okay then the Duo DPS cut-off is only 27-ish. Rayquaza and non-Shadow Salamence can duo Fire Fang/Crunch in neutral at L40 or at L35 in Windy.

With the need to relobby, the 589.7 TTW for Salamence (in neutral weather, against the FF/C moveset) is not realistic for a duo. The 582.1 TTW for Rayquaza might be viable, but in my experience, that is usually not enough of a margin to actually win in practice. Also, it is likely that the two teams will need to relobby at the same time, which will cause the boss to regenerate a small amount of HP, unless they have fixed that. Furthermore, you’d need to know the boss’s moveset in advance, or be willing to waste a lot of passes until you luck into the exact moveset needed.

I was asking the original question because I wanted to know if it is reasonable to try to duo Reshiram with unknown moveset in neutral weather. Apparently it isn’t, contrary to the Gamepress article. My conclusion is that the duo is not really possible in neutral weather with non-shadow pokemon, although if somebody with maxed near-perfect Ray/Sal teams tries the FF/C moveset 20 times, they might be able to get it done once or twice.

Holy crap, my first two were both in partly cloudy and against Crunch…easy with 3. The third one still partly cloudy but against FF and DracoMeteor. That was hard as heck with 3 trainers. It took me four attempts…regularly runs thru 12 pokemon, AND this was in partly cloudy–so my advantage

i did 5 today in Cloudy weather.

2 xFF + Overheat and DB + Overheat was easy trio. about 90+ sec left.
FF + Stone Edge little harder, bur still easy. 75 sec left

FF+ Draco Meteor was quite hard. 18 sec left, however my alt lacked good 2nd team used 3 neutral dmg pokemon( Rayquaza, Dialga, Latios, Terrakion, 2 x RW Ryhperior as A Team and SD Tyranitar, 2 x lvl 35 RW Rhyperiors and last 3 were Kyogre EQ Swampert and smth else but didnt have to use it anyway). Usually my alt use fairy+ ice vs Dragons, but Reshiram typing making my alt lacking 2nd team. Also cant use water( 2 Kyogre, 2 HC Swampert 2 Gyara and Kingler) because his typing also cancel this weakness…

Im curious, whether DB+ DM is hardest in neutral than FF + DB. Also didnt find Crunch version, but it shouldnt be harder than SE moveset.

I attempted the duo tonight in partly cloudy weather, and although I narrowly failed (maybe 2-3 charge moves away), there is no doubt in my mind it’s very doable. The boss had stone edge, so also weather boosted, and my teams were far from optimal. Well, my main team was pretty ideal, and I maxed revived it (losing a bit of damage time in the process), but the second team was weaker, and used an A & B team. I could definitely do this duo if I decide to invest some dust and maybe an elite TM or two to get rock wrecker, but I don’t know if I will or not. In addition to the dust & Elite TM cost, I’m currently very low on revives, and am a free player, so I don’t know if it’s worth it. But I might do it just for the challenge.

Dang it you are all so lucky I live where there are FIVE gyms. FIVE. And guess what? Zero people in each lobby…

I feel crushed. And I’m only Lv 30 with a CP 2874 Metagross at my strongest Pokémon so I had to go with my second strongest, which is a CP 2613 Aggron…

People that legit raid (one phone and 3 raiders) feel a lot better than the double and triple tappers bc of dodging…an undodged Overheat hurts almost everything and that’s the easier nuke relative to DM. Raiding/trading accounts don’t travel with a full first aid kit either.

And if you dodge you have have no chance of doing the double…

Dodiging does indeed save potions and revives (and perhaps makes you feel great that you could take down the boss with only X pokemon) but it takes time…

We say this boss is easy…bc it can be duo’d. There are spots when it is tough for a tapping 3, today I had a sunny one that had fire fast move and Draco Meteor. There are some people/parties that might want to have someone check the moves first, then decide composition of the teams. If you have two strong members and a weaker third you don’t want to fail and lose the health items that the 3rd one could greatly need for a smarter attempt.

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The time I’m glad to have overlapping dragons…it is windy boosted and I need to win 15 raids in a college town. Won with 3…the other two no revives mostly using level 20 Latios/Gira-A, Reshirams that got auto-picked…seriously stooped so low to have a 1250 Corsola one of the other 2’s top 6. Praise that it was Fire Fang and Overheat…won with 11 secs left

Windy? So freaking rare, ever Snowy is more common, despite being able only during Winter. You have Hurricane whole time or what? Because even, if its really strong Wind here, weather in PoGo is Cloudy/Partly Cloudy anyway…

I duo-ed it with my friend in PC weather with 16 sec left.
FF and Crunch. No dodge and mostly Rhyperior with RW and Tyra.