Reshiram - What's going on?

Since yestarday I’ve encountered around 20 of them and I’ve caught 5… What’s going on? I berry them and throw excellent after excellent and they don’t care.
I don’t wanna sound like a raging little teen but I’m wondering if you also got this problem? Cuz it’s really ridiculous for me. I’m not level 40 just yet but I’ve had my fair share of legendary raids and more often I catch it on a second throw than get it to escape after 12 - which is exactly what’s going on with Reshiram.

I have opposite feeling. All previous legendaries had awful catch rate, no matter how good i threw. On my both accounts i have 15/16 catch rate n Reshiram and that one ran away, because i use only pinaps. For Terrakion, Virizion, Landorus etc i used GRZ exellent throw 95% of time and had around 70% catch rate(vs Landorus less than 50%!)

I guess I’ve used my whole luck on previous legendaries. Damn :[

Here are the catch rates for Reshiram assuming Gold Fire and Dragon medals

whoa, medals stack?!

I believe an individual medal is half as effective on a dual type mon so you would need gold in both types to get the full effect

now that’s depressing if true lolol

My wife missed four of them on day 1, but since then she’s gone up to a 50% catch rate. It’s probably just a sampling bias; I doubt they actually changed the catch rate significantly.

It’s so hard to get a feel for it with a small sample.

I only caught 2/5 last night. But out of my group of 5 people, we collectively caught 19/25.

Sort of true. The game takes the average of each medal you have. For Reshiram if you had a Gold Dragon medal (1.3) and a Silver Fire medal (1.2) you would get a 1.25 bonus to the catch rate. If you had Gold Dragon and Gold Fire you would get a 1.3 bonus.

By “bonus” I mean modifier. UBER MATH AHEAD - image

BCR is the Base Catch Rate (dependent on the Pokemon), CPM is CP Multiplier (based on the Pokemon level so higher CPM for a weather boosted Pokemon), and Multipliers are - Ball type * Curve * Berry * Throw * Medal

An Ultra Ball has a value of 2, a Curve has a value of 1.7, an Excellent Throw has a value of 1.85, a Golden Razz has a value of 2.5, and a Gold medal has a value of 1.3.


ahh that explains alot, thanks!

Sounds like its just a case of bad luck.
Reshiram’s a bit awkward to throw at, and ive generally notied nearly released legendaries I struggle with getting just because im not used to their patterns and distances yet so botched throws are a bit more common.

also 20 of them damn, thats dedication this early.

Its not that. I tried the same, i gave 10 excellent throws in a row to Reshiram of a poor IVs and it ran away even after feeding golden raz, But gave 3 excellent throws in a row to 96% and it came with pinap berry. So it really is a matter of chance and luck sometimes even. Keep grinding. It really gets catch bonus from the respective medal progress of the Pokémon types.
FYI I had golden in both IDs i used, still 1 ran away.

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I’m 5/5…however, with Unova legendaries it looks like I’m 163/167!?! I pinap quite a bit, not too concerned with excellent throws, my eyes say excellent throws aren’t a huge component of catches…but getting 18 balls pretty important

It’s pure luck. I got 7out of 7 reshirams and almost all of them weren’t caught by an exellent throw

Yes, they do stack …if you believe the stated catch rates. Has been this way for a while. To answer the poster’s comment … any sign you are having connection problems. I have an old phone which often has this problem and lowers catch rates notably, thankfully my catch rates are better than what you posted even when I have the comm errors. Also you did not mention how many balls you usually get.

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and therein lies the problem lmao. thanks!

Its just the tide of randomness. For the first time in a year I have had 100% catch rate on a fully boosted legendary. Going on 27/27

Has anyone ever figured out (or has Niantic disclosed) what is the multiplier for Pinapps (regular or silver) on catches? based on game play I assume it would be a figure less than 1.0x (silver perhaps is 1.0x). I see a lot of raiders using pinapps to farm legendary candy when they get a cr@ppy IV legendary, but I would love to know if the catch odds go down so low that this effort does not make sense … mathematically speaking.

Regular Pineapps make no difference (multiplier 1.0) Silver Pineapps have a 1.8 multiplier. For reference Golden Razz have a multiplier of 2.5