Resistance, Resist and RES

Since the surging flame event, i am interested by Ceylon skill 2 which increase resistance (reduces duration of some negative effects).
It’s not the RES stats isn’t it?
And RES stat don’t affect negatives effect duration?
Ceylon is the only who can provide this?

From my understanding magic resistance and the “resist” granted by Ceylon has no connection.

Magic resistance decrease magic damage
As for resist, it is as you said.

On top of my head, Blaze can give resist to herself and Nian (only in CN) can give it to others as well


yeah they have very similar names but one is defense for magic and other one is less crowd control

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Hi lorl1, Resistance in Ceylon’s skill reduces the status effects duration enemies inflict on you. (the upcoming chapter 6 has a lot of it).

RES (the stat) reduces Arts damage done to you.

Thanks, that the reason why i am looking for another operator with the same ability and the other candidate is Nian in CN only.
The stun annoyed me really on the last event, and i guess they will add more effects of this kind in the future.