Resonance Battles - 7 July

So probably the last week I’ll post since I don’t think it has been helpful like I’ve hoped (I tried to keep he resonance information thread alive but it kinda died), but here is how I did this resonant battle. They are getting tougher and placement was brutal.

No surprise L Leif, L Lucina(or Chrom) and a dancer were just about required. Fourth one doesn’t matter but a repo cav helps. Hopefully you have Mia, I don’t.

Remember you have three rounds to get the guys at the top. I wouldn’t even worry about the middle or bottom thieves unless you want their item, but remember I’ll cost you a precious move.

Set up like this, have Lief attack Rein

Lucina grabs Lief and then kills olwen. This means Lucina and 4th Cav (Yarne, in my case) go left. Leif and dancer now go right.

Left side is easy. Yarne repos Lucina twice for the kills… your goal is the top dancer, not the bottom or middle

This one is trickier. Between Liefs galeforce and dancing you want him next to dancer like this (WoM dancer required to put her on the grate. My +3 Leif took two rounds to kill Tanya, so he got to galeforce at least). Then when Leif is danced, for positioning move him by the green thief (if you kill him you’ll be out of range to kill Olwen, get danced and kill the top thief)

And then sweet victory

There you go. I’m certainly no Phoenixmaster, no idea how to actually record it on iPad, and these were the units I personally had to use. 3 rounds to the top isn’t much and this has the most choke points we’ve seen to date. Anyway hope it helps.



This was my first time getting all the thieves. I call this “The Gaius Show” as he killed everything except Nana Tanya and the Green Thief by them (that was L!Seliph’s Contribution).

Just sent the 3 up the middle then around the wall from the right - 3 tries around the left and Dancer’s Veil triggered on Robin (the only bad choice) each time - Random my foot!


Nice work! I can’t even process how fast you must’ve moved Gaius across the map for all those kills.

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Olivia Has Guidance and used the Aerobatics Seal and Robin has Repo.

Recalling how I did it since this was on my very last attempt

Turn 1: Setup: Robin/Gaius/Olivia/Seliph
Seliph Attacked Nana, Gaius kill Rein, Robin moved under Gaius, Olivia went straight up beside Gaius and danced him so he could kill Blue Olwen

Turn 2: EP Seliph Killed Tanya and Nana
Seliph with DB3 seal barely scores the kill on the green Thief, Gaius kills Red Thief by Green Olwen (used Elixir here), Robin moves into position so Olivia can use Aerobatics and dance Gaius who moves onto the forest and breaks the wall)

Turn 3: EP Olwen had Gaius free her from life under the shadow of her brother
Gaius Moves to kill the Thief ready to escape by Olwen, gets danced and kills the other thief up top

Turn 4: clean up

Not a fan of how this mode pretty much REQUIRES using a dancer…

Guidance! That’s what I was missing with how you did it. Well done.

Yeah a dancer is definitely required unless someone can find a way to move all the way up the map to get both top thieves.

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I got em’ thieves on my second try. I scored 371 points with a +1 H!Mia. L!Leif was very helpful even without his Galeforce ability. I used a 4 star Olivia as my dancer. Gotta be honest there were no genius or smart plays whatsoever, 2 good cavalry units and a dancer was pretty much all that was needed here :feh_lucyshrug:

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Foes: mostly cavalry
Panne and Yarne: :feh_reinyes:
I had to give Panne Darting Blow seal though because there’s a lot of Speed going on.


Nice score!

My only worries with cav were the grates, and that big bush in the center. Leif did galeforce once for me which laid off when he couldn’t kill stat inflated taya, it gave him a second go at her.

Ranged cav are so helpful in this mode. First thing I did day 1 was see all the cav I have for each game, particularly ranged (includes 3 spaced fliers of course). Some games are more lacking than others. I think I’m hurting bad in Alm’s game… mathildais only the closest thing I have to a speedy PP cav.

@LadyLuna I almost used Panne in addition to Yarne. He was more of a support role, but it was nice knowing he had potential for some kills and galeforce if he couldn’t finish off a foe.

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Yarne has a unique boon in this mode in that, thanks to Bunny Fang, he is the only character who can still activate Galeforce despite the enemy seals adding 1 to special cooldown after combat upon being defeated. I expect him to be one of my most important units in this mode whenever Awakening is one of the bonus titles.


Really? Oh that makes sense since his weapon gives -2… but actually since after he kills someone, he still gets +1 CD, meaning even if charged he would go back to 1?

Of course if he hits someone and doesn’t kill them he can activate it like a normal galeforcer… I think you’re on to something but I’m trying to figure out how that works. I’m a bear of little brain today it seems.

EDIT: Like, does the -2 CD he has trump the +1 CD he gets when killing a foe?

I know it works because it happened in my run.
Before attacking Olwen:

He beats her in one hit and charges Galeforce:

Galeforce activates:

So as long as Yarne is in the HP range for Bunny Fang and has Galeforce at 0 or 1 CD, the -2 Special Cooldown count overrides the +1 from the Guardian Seal and the Seals the Thieves have, and Galeforce will activate. I’m thinking the two effects either happen simultaneously or the Seal effect applies before the Bunny Fang effect.

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Wow!! I did miss that admittedly. Thanks for sharing this Lady Luna! You’re right, must happen simultaneously. Yarne’s value just skyrocketed!

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It doesn’t “trump” it per se, they are both factored in at the same time, so instead of -2 after combat its just a -1.

Kind of like how Fury +Mystic Boost interact essentially negating the after combat effect.


I got it first try, L!Chrom, L!Julia, Silvia and F!Julia

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Well, yeah… verbiage. I meant -2+1=-1 CD. Just depends how you wanna phrase it I guess

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Just wanted to be as clear as possible so anyone reading that didn’t know wouldn’t get the wrong idea.

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Could only get 5 out of 6 ninjas. L! Leif, Summer Robin, Brave Lucina and Say’ri are all I had available (and a Gangrel). I have no greens for Awakening and Thracia o.o

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Think I got 4 thieves.

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It’s all good. I make plenty of verbal blunders, especially when it comes to this game! Better safe than sorry for clarification. Good call.

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Beautiful lineup. I bet if you switched out naga with a dancer you could get all 6.

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