Result of my 518 days of saving

I’ve been saving for Skadi and Dantes since January 1st, 2019 (not 2020) because I am a huge meta slave ( God it was hard).
During these 1 and a half years I was connected every day and received all the event sq as well as the summon tickets.

For 518 days I save a total of 1831 sq and 388 summon tickets.
Which makes about more than 100 sq and 20 tickets per month.
It was beyond my expectations, I expected to have less than 1000 sq at the beginning.

And you guys, since when did you start saving for Skadi ?


That’s beautiful! It’s nice to see people save that much no matter what it’s for, I really hope you get your meta units. Good luck!

My skadi savings are meager by comparison just 71 tics/ 450 sq. effectively since feb this year.


Strong dedication, I hope you get her without going too deep. As for me, I started saving after Go West Rerun due to Waver’s Rate ups though I was unable to summon him :fgo_casgilworry: I have a little over 500 SQ and maybe 28-32 tickets as of now. Really hope I can summon Skadi because I have a Np4 Zerkerlot eagerly awaiting her release.


My savings are 0 Tickets and 54 SQZ. If i have some SQZ, i roll them unless i have a strong motivation to save them. I’m a bit hopeless (luckily the banners i like are almost over)

But since 45 of the 54 sqz are Paid sqz that have to be used only in the next 3 GSSR…

i have saved exactly 9 Sqz!

I might even throw them at Skadi as a joke.


Since January This year 680 quarts and I will get a bonus in 2 days which will make it 700 quarts and 110 tickets.


Congratulations! Those savings are amazing. Good luck with your rolls!


Its impressive too see people with such strong will. Personally i couldn’t save for her because of hopes of getting fran from apoc banner and getting summer servants from summer banner.


I’m starting to save from today with 30 SQ and 11 tickets :fgo_gudako:

There’s the anniversary payout and the GSSR pack as well. The quick memes are cool but i mainly want her because she’s Scathach :fgo_gaooo:


Major props. I am not a monk and saving doesn’t belong to my vocabulary.

Hoping the gacha will be kind to you.


That’s awesome!

Hope you get Skadi very quickly, and maybe get a high NP level Dantès!

I started a little after I started playing the game, so me and my friends could have all 4 of the big 4 Casters amongst us, although afterwards it became more than that, and it’s pretty great.

… although currently I have like 3 summoning tickets and 11 SQ since I’m terrible at saving, which is…a meager amount, although I want to at least get ~ 15 tickets and 100+ SQ by the time she releases.


My savings start when the anniversary drops in the rewards for increasing the login bonus rewards :fgo_illya:

I usually end up rolling at any fancy banner passing by… With low expectations and occasional lucky results.

Hopefully you’ll have plenty left over for summer after getting your ice queen


my wallet is a thing and i’m in a comfortable place, soooooooooo…

but hey, on jp i’m f2p so i know the struggle of saving. you are a better man than i. good luck.


First off you have the patience of a saint managing to save for that long. Props to you for sure.
I’ve been saving for about half a year with me dipping into it a bit on waver/okita banners to get the waver that eluded me for a while and missing on okita. Sitting on 16 tickets ad 582 saint quartz still though so i think i got a decent chance to pair my np1 parvati/zerklot with a skadi

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I’m only looking at around 1.4K, 2K collectively by the time the banner drops. Although I wish it wasn’t so for convenience’s sake, I had to shell out somewhat along the way for other favorites, like Merlin or Penth. I’m not going to put all of my eggs into one basket or ignore those I still adore, you know? Anyway, the answer is more-or-less since she dropped; love at first sight, and all.

Still, feels kinda paltry internally.


Thank you for all your kind word,
I was actually planing to share you this information when the Skadi banner arrives, but unfortunately I gave in yesterday for the best tomboy aka SurfMo.
My main was to tell you that eventhough it has one of the worst gacha system, fgo is imo the most generous through all the reward you get.


That’s some dedication, even more so if it means you did every event without a single event CE.

Hope you get both.


That’s alright! It’s still impressive you saved that much. Surfmo is amazing, so she’s definitely worth.

Did you get multiple NP levels or did you settle with 1 (which is a good idea anyway)?

Yeah! You get a lot of SQ and Tickets from events and stuff, which is great, although one thing I love about FGO is that there are so many amazing free units, so you’ll be good even if you’re not the luckiest person around.


Dang, I could never save up even a fraction of that. You have that iron will!

Hopefully your savings will be good and you roll them no problem :fgo_ereshwoah:


On my end, if I didn’t use almost 300 quartz to get Waver and another 90 to get a Poster Girl CE, I would be around 700. In my defense, I succeeded on both fronts, and having Waver means I can have access to a ton of 3T setups during the next lotto events, so I don’t regret it. Still, I’m only at 350 SQs with tomorrow’s cumulative login bonus, and according to my calculations I can at most amass about 550-ish quartz by the anniversary.

That won’t exactly give me amazing odds, but on the other hand, I have long since resolved myself to open my wallet, and I have quite a bit of Patreon money set aside to get Skadi in case my savings weren’t enough.

Also, on the topic of generosity, I’d say Dragalia Lost beats FGO by a country mile. Just by doing the recently added tutorial missions, you can get the equivalent of 100 free pulls and 7 free SSRs (4 adventurers, 3 dragons).
The only issue with that game though is that it has a meta that runs on amphetamines, and so even if you pull all the meta adventurers, dragons, and kit them out, they might become completely obsolete in a few months.
In that regard, FGO’s servants still have amazing longevity, with even the worst welfares being pretty damn good, and the best of them being meta-picks even years after their debut.


Fortunately my roll wasn’t that bad after all this time.
I was planning to only get one copy but I managed to get her NP2 in my 3rd multi (luckiest pull I’ve had).
I heard that it was the last chance to get her so it was worth trying I think.